Cell Phone Forensics in Los Angeles County Investigations

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Cell phone forensics becomes a part of many types of private investigations services. At Kinsey Investigations, we get all kinds of requests for digital forensics: from concerns about cyberbullying or parents wanting to know how their children are using their devices, to even higher-stakes investigations such as locating missing persons in Los Angeles and infidelity investigations. Sometimes, cell phone forensics can turn up the information that helps us solve these cases. California private investigators face some of the strictest state privacy laws in the U.S. An inexperienced L.A. private detective may not know how to work around these statutes legally, or may uncover evidence through cell phone forensic techniques that turns out to be inadmissible in court. At Kinsey Investigations, we have 20 years’ experience conducting cell phone forensics properly and without running afoul of California law. The evidence we find benefits our clients, whether they merely need to know for peace of mind or are depending on it for family law or other litigation. Because time is usually of the essence in any private investigation involving cell phone forensics, it pays to call Kinsey Investigations first and avoid losing the upper hand in your case.

Digital Forensics Private Investigation Services

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In the 21st century, our cell phones (no longer mere communication tools) have become indispensable extensions of our lives, diligently documenting our everyday actions, interactions, and transactions. From tracking steps and measuring heart rate, to maintaining calendars and managing finances, our phones know us perhaps better than we know ourselves. Every call, text, transaction, search, photo and location check-in leaves a digital breadcrumb, chronicling a rich, comprehensive narrative of our daily existence. In this way, the phones that the majority of people carry and use every day can also become goldmines of data and evidence for private investigation firms. In the hands of a knowledgeable Los Angeles County investigator, this information may unlock answers to vital questions and provide decisive evidence in many kinds of private detective services.

At Kinsey Investigations, we employ cell phone forensic techniques that legally extract data from digital devices. The information we uncover may include contacts, location history, text and call logs, photos/videos, and financial transactions, just to name a few. Our cell phone forensics team knows how to circumvent device security including unlocking the phone and even retrieving data that may be stored in the cloud. In addition to the data itself, our private detectives have the experience to deduce and extrapolate important conclusions. For instance, determining the time and location that a call was made or a message sent may reveal more of the story than any one of those details. The same proves true for photos, transactions, and more contained within the device history. Putting together the puzzle from the various pieces of data may reveal the all-important bigger picture.

Using Evidence from Cell Phone Forensics

In some private investigations, cell phone forensics provide the key answers or evidence necessary to turn cases in our clients’ favor. Our team of licensed female private investigators expertly navigates the legal landscape, ensuring that all data extraction is carried out to the letter of federal and California state law. This guarantees the admissibility of any evidence we produce in court.

At Kinsey Investigations, we pride ourselves on leveraging over two decades of experience in cell phone forensics to deliver paramount private investigation services. Twice recognized among the best private investigators in Los Angeles, Kinsey Investigations capitalizes on the data-rich resources of cell phones and other digital devices to solve complex cases in the diverse landscape of southern California. Whether inquiring about possible infidelity, searching for a missing person or helping a client with their child custody battle, Kinsey Investigations can offer cell phone forensics techniques to provide high-quality, actionable evidence. If you believe the answers you need lie within a cell phone or any digital device, get in touch with our office today.