Intimate Partner Private Investigations Including Los Angeles Infidelity Investigations

Ask any L.A. private investigator, and they’ll tell you, infidelity Investigations in Los Angeles are almost as iconic to southern California as sunshine, sandy beaches, and movie stars. And it’s not only cheating spouse investigations where we find one partner lying to another. Unfortunately, Los Angeles private detective agencies have exposed dishonesty and fraud in every sort of romantic relationship, from catfishing on dating apps to adultery among married couples. Sometimes we get to deliver good news, such as when a pre-marital background check confirms a partner’s honesty, but it’s always sad when an investigation into any kind of romantic relationship reveals the opposite. In our line of work, California private investigators witness the aftermath of some of the darkest human behavior. Kinsey Investigations’ female private investigators understand how deep it cuts when that behavior comes through our clients’ most intimate relationships.

Online Dating Fraud and Pre-marital Background Checks

Ask most people about the traits they look for in a romantic partner, and honesty and trustworthiness would surely be on almost everyone’s list. We want to think of our intimate relationships as the most genuine and safe, a retreat from the efforts and stresses of navigating the rest of our lives. Perhaps this contributes to the deep betrayal many people feel when these relationships turn out to be built on less than honest foundations. And while anyone who’s spent time on dating apps knows that exaggeration at the least, and too often outright lies, go into far too many online dating profiles, once a relationship moves beyond hooking up or a few casual dates, most people certainly hope their partners, fiancés, spouses and significant others will approach the relationship with the same intentions of sharing honesty, trust, love and respect as they do. Unfortunately, not everyone holds themselves to those same standards. Does someone on a dating app seem too good to be true? Are you looking to take your relationship to the next level whether that’s moving in, marriage or parenthood? Do you suspect your committed partner of cheating? All of these and more are romantic relationship questions that Kinsey Investigations’ female private investigators can help you answer.

Many online fraudsters use promises of affection, connection and more to lure unwitting partners into false relationships. While some instances of catfishing turn out to be the revenge plot of spurned exes, other online scammers report starting the practice merely out of boredom or as a coping mechanism for unresolved trauma or untreated mental instability. More nefarious and dangerous people, on the other hand, may use it as a gateway to attempt financial and other types of fraud or even worse crimes on their unwitting victims. Blackmail, extortion, kidnapping and human trafficking can all begin as seemingly harmless online flings. California private investigations firms have caught all kinds of catfish over the years. Just like sales pitches and sweepstakes offers, if a person you’ve only met online sounds too good to be true, they probably are. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed L.A. private detective agency committed to helping you stay safe instead of sorry.

Cultural and generational perceptions of dating and marriage may be shifting in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean the stakes in romantic relationships have decreased. Couples are still choosing to live together, sign leases and mortgages together, and have children. Each of these steps stands for greater commitment and the potential for much more difficulty breaking up. In the world we live in, individuals providing for themselves and any family they’re supporting operates a lot like running a business, and just as with a new business partner, romantic partners should be thoroughly vetted before we allow them to become part of, or take on a larger role, in that. While we call them pre-marital background checks, these private investigations into a romantic partner’s life help our clients make informed decisions about taking the next step in their relationships. Our experienced California private detectives know how to look into all the important aspects of a person’s life: credit and financial history, where and with whom they’ve lived, criminal charges and convictions, even if they are who they claim to be. Too many trusting, vulnerable people only find out something heartbreaking after they’ve allowed their lives and livelihoods to become extremely intertwined with their deceptive partner’s. Hiring a Los Angeles private detective firm to run a premarital or other relationship background check can help you dodge the bullet of a bad relationship in the first place.

Infidelity and Cheating Spouse Private Investigations

At Kinsey Investigations, we don’t blame the victim. Our L.A. female private detectives have compassion for all our clients, and we don’t judge those who find themselves suspecting, or needing to gather evidence of, a cheating spouse or partner. If someone is worried their partner is cheating and either can’t believe or are too afraid to ask them about it, the trust in the relationship has already suffered a significant blow. In these cases of Los Angeles infidelity investigations, Kinsey Investigations has the distinct advantage of a team that is over 75% female, and we find our clients of all genders prefer it that way, especially in these very emotionally-charged private investigations. Don’t we all wish we lived in a world where cheating spouse private investigations were completely unnecessary, but as any L.A. private investigator can tell you, we’re not there yet, not by a long shot.

Named one of the best private investigators in Los Angeles two years in a row by, Kinsey Investigations has such a stellar reputation in Los Angels and Orange counties, that even our competitor firms send us referrals. Especially for these highly personal private investigations, emotional intelligence becomes just as important as critical thinking, street smarts and resourcefulness. We’ve been called the California private investigations firm with a heart, and if you let us, we’ll help you guard yours as well.