Los Angeles Private Investigations into Workers Comp Fraud

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Smart Los Angeles area business owners and insurance providers hire California private detective services to avoid paying out fraudulent workers compensation claims. Disability and workers comp fraud have ballooned across the country to the tune of an estimated $30Billion per year, nationally. More and more organizations are responding by hiring California private investigators to independently verify the legitimacy of workers comp claims. A few decades ago, companies could avoid most of this type of fraud with in-house policies carried out by their own personnel. Unfortunately, in the 21st century workers compensation and other types of disability and insurance fraud have grown beyond the rare occurrences, and fraudsters have honed their tactics for getting away with this type of fraud. These days, it often takes a professional Los Angeles private investigator to uncover workers comp fraud and gather the necessary evidence to dispute falsified claims. Working with a private detective agency in Los Angeles or Orange county is a wise move for California business owners and insurance providers who want to eliminate fraudulent workers comp claims and expose those who are trying to take unfair advantage of the system.

Businesses & Insurers Team up with California Private Investigators

Few states have as many laws and protections on their books for employees and workers as California. And while U.S. history provides many illustrations of why those protections are necessary, anyone who’s ever owned or managed a business for more than a few years knows, it’s not always the employer who’s out to take unfair advantage of the professional relationship. Unions, organizations like OSHA, and safety net programs like workers compensation have arisen out of the need to protect employees from hazardous or exploitive working environments, but what about when the situation is reversed? Worker’s compensation fraudsters (and other bad actors) are estimated to cost California between $2-3Billion annually. To ensure the legitimacy of disability and worker’s comp claims leveraged by workers, it makes sense to hire a California private investigator to independently confirm or gather evidence to dispute these claims. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured California private investigations firm with decades of experience in workers compensation fraud cases, and our team of female private investigators can help businesses and insurance providers eliminate the expense of workers comp fraud from their balance sheets.

Workers compensation fraud is not only a drain on the state’s economy, but ends up affecting companies’ bottom lines as well. Savvy business owners and management teams understand how negatively fraudulent claims affect everything from productivity to the price they’ll pay for future workers comp insurance premiums. To prevent these unnecessary losses, they may implement in-house policies and mandate confirmation of workers’ claims through their human resources department. While in-house efforts such as these may decrease some fraud, they’re usually not as effective or efficient as working with a licensed California private detective agency. For one thing, while staff in human resources departments may have some training or experience determining the validity of workers compensation or disability claims, it’s far from the majority of the work they do. Secondly, H.R. employees have plenty of other work on their plates. They can only do so much with their limited time and expertise in this area. A professional private investigator, on the other hand, will have the specialized training, techniques, and time to devote to a case. We know how to conduct a thorough investigation using surveillance, social media, and other digital forensics, etc. to reveal the legitimacy of any injury or disability claim.

L.A. Private Investigators Reveal Workers Compensation Fraud

Holding dishonest workers and any other bad actors accountable for fraud works cumulatively, both reducing the dollars paid out on fake claims and helping to keep workers comp insurance premiums lower for business owners. Kinsey Investigationsfemale private detectives have worked on cases like these for decades. Some fraudsters go to impressive lengths to hold up the ruse of their “injury” or “disability,” while others are downright blatant in their dishonesty. Either way, Kinsey Investigations will find the truth. They may been able to hide from the eyes of their bosses and human resources departments, but they won’t be able to hide from us. If you’re a business owner or manager ready to take the step of working with a California private investigations firm to eliminate workers comp fraud from your organization, give us a call today.