Corporate Security Investigations by a Los Angeles Private Investigations Firm

Kinsey Investigations provides corporate security investigations in Los Angeles and Orange counties, including places like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Long Beach. Kinsey Investigations is the L.A. private detective firm with the experience and training to conduct corporate security investigations. We can identify many different types of threats such as unsafe working conditions and liabilities posed to a company’s reputation from unscrupulous executives, disgruntled employees (or former employees) and other public relations vulnerabilities. In the modern business landscape, organizations of all kinds depend on these types of private investigations to avoid negative consequences ranging from bad PR up to and including injury or death of employees or consumers.

Types of Corporate Security Investigations

Never before have Corporate Security Investigations been so important. New generations of consumers, employees, management teams and other stakeholders are demanding corporations and other organizations take responsibility for making their campuses, retail locations and public spaces safe for workers and the public alike. And while physical safety remains as important as ever, psychological safety and the prevention of prejudice, harassment and other oppressive conditions have become the responsibility of corporate operations, human resources and various strategic business teams.

While there are as many types of corporate security investigations as there are kinds of goods and services available to consumers, some of the most common include loss prevention, workplace security and corporate reputation investigations.

  • Loss Prevention: Every retail business manager and many food service employees are well acquainted with the term “loss-prevention” which refers to the cumulative efforts of company policy, staff training and onsite security involved in preventing theft of goods and services.
  • Workplace Security: Many considerations go into workplace security, largely dependent on the type of operation. The physical safety of any onsite employees and consumers constitutes the most basic definition. However, different kinds of organizations and institutions may also need to consider network security, consumer information privacy, campus safety threats (including those from internal and external sources), and many other aspects of this broad security classification.
  • Corporate Reputation: Liabilities to a company or other organization’s reputation have multiplied almost exponentially in the last few decades. Whereas a disgruntled consumer or ex-employee might’ve shared their point of view with everyone they knew before the turn of the century, in today’s information age, just about any social media post might go viral, reaching millions of users within a matter of days. All the age-old liabilities to a company’s reputation are just as valid today as 30 years ago, but so many new ones have been added to the list, it’s enough to make any small business owner or large corporate CEO’s head spin.

Kinsey Investigations can help. What may seem like an impossible minefield to the untrained eye becomes much easier to navigate when a company partners with us. From customer-facing industries (such as food service and retail operations) to B-to-B industries (including various third-party services and corporate accounting firms), anywhere and anyway business is done, liabilities of many kinds my exist. Sometimes, these liabilities only become evident once an employee or consumer rightfully complains about a threat to their physical, mental or emotional safety. Examples include inadequate employee training, unsanitary food preparation and unmitigated industrial hazards. Other vulnerabilities may come to light when bad actors from inside or outside the organization recognize them and decide to exploit them. Everything from retail theft to inadequate network security serve as examples here.

Security Private Investigations for Every Kind of Organization

While generally referred to as corporate security investigations, institutions of all kinds, especially once operations reach a certain size, should consider hiring a private investigations firm to review the safety and security of their operations. You don’t have to run a corporation, per se to be vulnerable to a great many types of security threats. In our years of experience, we’ve provided these private detective services to diverse clients including higher learning institutions. A non-profit may face very similar risks to a corporation. Even non-commercial organizations such as municipal and government offices, churches and private schools may be risking their reputation, their financial solvency, or the safety of everyone walking through their doors when operational security is not prioritized.

To assist your organization in determining security threats of all kinds, contact Kinsey Investigations for a free consultation. Invest in your company today to secure it’s brightest future.