Hidden Assets Private Investigations in the Los Angeles Area

Hidden Assets Investigations

Kinsey Investigations has successfully uncovered concealed finances and other hidden assets in many private investigations in Los Angeles and Orange counties. While hidden finances or other property may first come to mind in consideration of divorce and child support/custody cases, these private detective services can also come into play for bankruptcy and fraud investigations, as part of court ordered judgements or pertaining to business ventures. Whether the subject is an individual, a corporate entity or another type of organization (and no matter the legal reason for the private investigation), Kinsey Investigations has the training, experience and techniques required to uncover hidden assets and deliver complete and thorough results for our clients’ satisfaction.

Private Detective Services for California Hidden Assets Investigations

When you think of private investigation services for finding hidden assets or other types of concealed property, you probably think of alimony and child support cases. Or perhaps, fraud and exploitation of various government assistance programs is the first thing that comes to mind. That’s because, the media (both entertainment and journalism outlets) talk a lot more about these cases than some of the other reasons for hidden assets private investigations. But any Los Angeles detective agency would tell you, there are many others, a lot of which you’d never even imagine.

So, beyond cash or hidden bank accounts, what counts as an asset? The answer is anything of value, from buildings to boats and from a country home all the way down to pricey collectibles. If it can be sold, it counts as an asset. While the legal reason for a case can make a difference in which assets are considered part of a subject’s net worth, these investigations could be with respect to alimony/child support, other court-ordered judgements, a bankruptcy, or in the case of business partners or ventures, as part of starting or merging businesses. When a subject conceals cash, property or other valuable commodities from the financial picture they’re painting, it spells trouble for anyone dealing with them on a personal or professional basis. While the reason a subject would choose to hide assets may matter deeply to our clients, at the end of the day, finding the facts in the investigation is our top priority.

Hire the Best L.A. Private Investigator Team

With 20 years in business and many additional years of experience, the private investigators at Kinsey Investigations know how to look beyond readily available (and often incomplete) public databases when searching for hidden assets. Our experience and the creative investigation techniques we’ve developed over time help us find all manner of property, from the proverbial cash stash to secret bank accounts, real estate and so much more. Sometimes a subject may genuinely have not realized that something in their possession should be counted as an asset, but all too often, the concealment is intentional and specifically to avoid paying judgements, debts, having court-ordered alimony or child support amounts imposed or changed, or any of many other nefarious reasons.

If you suspect someone may be hiding assets from you, whether a current or former spouse, a business partner, a company or other organization, contact Kinsey Investigations for a free consultation. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out these types of investigations, and we know and follow the very letter of the law. Our track record in cases like these is such that, sometimes, even competing California private investigator firms refer clients to us. We have a youthful-looking team led by female private investigators who are less likely to arouse suspicion when communicating with subjects and sources. Quite simply, we’re the best at what we do. Initial consultations are always free, so contact us today, so we can begin work on your case right away.