Why You Should Hire a Female Private Investigator

Kinsey Investigations is the woman-owned, full-service private investigation firm in California with a team over 75% women. We work hard to break any stigmas around women in the P.I. field and have found that many of our clients of all genders prefer the unique and intuitive touch of a woman’s perspective when dealing with the highly sensitive issues they bring to us. Licensed and insured, we lead the pack in providing expert private detective services in Los Angeles and Orange counties. So rest assured that you will always have a professional and well-trained private investigator on your case.

Kinsey Investigations has the Best Female Private Detectives

When hiring an L.A. private investigator, you want not only the best all-around detective but the best person for your unique case. If you are dealing with an extremely personal matter like an unfaithful spouse or child custody investigations in L.A. and the surrounding area, you want someone who can help you navigate the sensitive issues that may come up and build trust with the other parties in the matter. In custody cases, for example, young children are more likely to open up to a “nice lady” who can ask questions and read body language that an intimidating man might not consider.

In any case, women are often seen as less threatening, which is essential if a private investigator needs to covertly interview witnesses or suspects. Whether it is at a corporate office in downtown Los Angeles or a yoga studio in Bel Air, a woman has a much better chance of initiating conversations and getting the scoop on your case. Especially if the interviewees are mostly women, a female private investigator can quickly connect with other women, which can lead to valuable  information or leads.

Female private detectives even have an advantage in cases where they are only interacting with people over the phone or online. Have you ever noticed that most “digital assistants” like Alexa and Siri have female voices? That’s because we feel more comfortable listening and getting instructions from a woman’s voice. A female P.I. is much more likely to gain cooperation from witnesses or suspects simply because of her voice. Additionally, a cold contact over social media seems less concerning if the profile is a woman’s. No matter the case, you will have an advantage from the start with a Kinsey Investigations female private investigator.

Female Private Investigators for Surveillance and other Investigations Services

In many investigations, a private detective will need to conduct surveillance. Women are ideal in these cases as they are much more adept at blending in and not drawing unwanted attention. Think about it. If you are at a park in Brentwood, who are you going to be more suspicious of – a woman sitting by herself reading a book and occasionally glancing at you or a lone man with a newspaper who keeps eyeing you for no apparent reason? A good detective is hyper aware of how she is perceived in the world and knows what environments she can blend into.

It is also much easier for a female private investigator to change her appearance as she conducts surveillance in different places. A much wider variety of hairstyles, clothing, and makeup options are available to women while still maintaining a low profile. Surveillance also requires high-tech equipment, which can be difficult to conceal. Because it is commonplace for women to carry bags and other accessories with them, this is a nonissue for a female private investigator on the move.

Kinsey Investigations has extensive expertise in all kinds of California private investigations. While women make up only 34% of private detectives overall, they count for over 75% of our team. We are woman-owned and proud to provide the best private detective services regardless of gender to our clients.