Locating Missing Persons in Los Angeles When They Don’t Want to be Found

Skip tracing private investigations involve finding someone who cannot be located by ordinary means. Kinsey Investigations is the California private detective agency with a perfect record locating missing persons in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, even when those individuals did not want to be found. Skip tracing and debtor locating private investigations can be offered on their own or as part of other private detective services. Our extensive experience gives us the tools to find anyone, whether they’re merely avoiding our client or have taken more extensive steps to obscure their whereabouts.

Hire the California Private Investigations Firm with a Perfect Record for Skip Tracing

We’ve written before about our untarnished record when it comes to locating missing persons in Los Angeles and Orange counties. While you might first think of missing persons cases involving at-risk youth and other vulnerable people who want to be found, Kinsey Investigations also works on many California private investigations involving individuals who would much rather our clients never found them. These are people who have broken business deals, run out on leases, abandoned various financial obligations or skipped town for some other dishonest reason. We call these cases skip tracing or debtor locating private investigations.

In the language of private investigators, a “skip” is a person who has skipped town. Thus “skip-tracing” involves locating the skip. Kinsey Investigations has extensive experience with all kinds of skips, from crooked business partners to dead-beat tenants and more. Whether someone has actually left town or has merely gone into hiding, we’ll find them.

More often than not, however, skips don’t travel nearly as far as you would think, and some are wildly overconfident about their ability to remain hidden, even in plain sight. Someone from Beverly Hills might believe they can hide out in Brentwood, or a skip from Long Beach might couch surf with friends in the heart of Los Angeles. At Kinsey Investigations, we’ve never failed to locate someone we’ve been hired to find, and that also goes for skips who have tried (some harder than others) to stay hidden.

How We Conduct Skip-Tracing and Debtor Locating Private Investigations

Knowing how to search for a missing person who doesn’t want to be found makes all the difference in a skip tracing private investigation. They may have abandoned their last residence and left no forwarding address, but most people do not know how to exist day to day without leaving some trace of their activity, especially in our modern digital age. Using a credit card, receiving mail at any residence, even signing up for an online service all leave the kinds of “breadcrumbs” any reputable LA private detective knows how to find and follow.

California private investigators may use skip tracing both as an independent service and as a tool in more complex private investigations such as hidden assets cases, child custody investigations in L.A. and the surrounding area, infidelity investigations and other private detective services. As we’ve found with many of the services we offer, sometimes we’re not the first California private investigator our clients have called, but we’re nearly always the last.

As soon as we take on a case, we don’t waste any time. The reasons for someone cutting contact, going into hiding or leaving town to avoid our clients may include money they owe, contracts they’ve broken, or legal ramifications they may be facing, just to name a few. Even though we rarely if ever have to worry about the safety of the “missing person” in these cases, we still make it our business to find the skip as soon as possible. Cases that have dragged on for weeks, months or longer with other California private investigations firms get brought to us for fast, effective resolutions. Even some other private detective agencies refer these cases to us.

If you need to find someone, call us for a free case evaluation. Whether it’s your money, your business, your peace of mind or all three at stake, we won’t rest until we find the skip causing you trouble and bring them to face justice.