Does Cyberbullying Happen to Adults

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Did you know that cyberbullying can happen to adults as well as children and teens, that some persistent cases of cyberbullying constitute a crime, and that Los Angeles private detective agencies are being hired more often to investigate it? Discussions about cyberbullying often frame the problem as an unfortunate phenomenon among adolescents, a disciplinary issue to be dealt with primarily by parents and educators. However, more and more adults are reporting being the victims of cyberbullying at work, through social media and via online gaming platforms. No matter the age of those involved, hiring a licensed California private investigator can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to identify those responsible and bring the harassment to an end. Not only that, but in cases determined to constitute a violation of California’s laws against bullying and harassment, an L.A. private investigator can conduct a thorough investigation, gather useful evidence, and even testify in court on our client’s behalf. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured California private investigations firm, and our team of female private detectives have decades of experience and a passion for helping our clients and their families through all kinds of highly emotional cases. We also understand the seriousness of cyberbullying, whether it’s happening to a child, teen, or adult.

Hiring a California Private Investigator in Cases of Cyberbullying

While cyberbullying is typically thought to happen exclusively to adolescents and teens, adults experience online harassment at alarming rates as well. Over 40% of all adults (over 60% of those under 30) report having experienced cyberbullying. It has become such an endemic issue that all but five U.S. states have laws addressing cyberbullying specifically. While California’s cyberbullying laws get more specific for youth and schools, there are still actions adults can take to protect themselves against online harassment. Hiring a private investigator to build a cyberbullying case can ensure that law enforcement and lawyers, if necessary, have everything they need to pursue criminal charges. Cyberbullies, no matter their age, often display a pattern of abuse across social media, online forums, and other virtual platforms. If you have been affected by cyberbullying as an adult, consider reaching out to legal representation and hire a private investigator to protect yourself and prevent the perpetrator from causing more harm to you or other victims.

Any type of online harassment can quickly escalate to criminal territory. For example, if you are one of the growing number of adults working remotely, you might experience cyberbullying in your professional life via business messaging or team/collaboration applications. If your cyberbully is someone you know, which is more likely than not, a California private investigator may also launch an in-person investigation to gather essential information, conduct surveillance and interview you and your fellow employees to confirm a pattern of ongoing behavior. Even if your tormentor is anonymous, a good Los Angeles private investigations firm has the tools necessary to launch an online investigation including digital forensics to help identify the culprit. In these cases, should you choose to press charges, a firm like Kinsey Investigations can also handle process service of legal documents and provide ongoing support to your legal team, helping you put a stop to the damaging behavior for good.

Resources for Adults Experiencing Cyberbullying

The first thing adults who have experienced cyberbullying should do is reach out to someone who can help them navigate the situation. Remember you did not create these circumstances, and it’s not your fault. If the harassment is taking place through work channels, contact your human resources department or your supervisor. If you are a victim of revenge porn or an online hate crime, a California private investigations firm can help you gather the evidence you need to press criminal charges. You can also visit sites like which has compiled a list of resources specifically for adults affected by cyberbullying. No matter the nature of the incident, seeking support immediately is the best thing you can do to protect yourself.

Cyberbullying is an egregious behavior that can bring up a lot of intense emotions. Kinsey Investigations’ team of professional and compassionate female private detectives know how to navigate sensitive cases and will ensure that you feel supported and confident during the cyberbullying investigation. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to conduct thorough digital forensics searches as well as supplemental surveillance investigations. Even if you do not pursue a criminal case, we can help you get the information you need about your cyberbully in order to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from future harassment.