Who Are “Mystery Shopper” Private Investigations For?

Kinsey Investigations Mystery Shopper Services - Two hands from two different people who are not pictured hold onto the handle of a brown shopping bag that is stamped with a large black question mark.

Kinsey Investigations provides Integrity Checks and Mystery or “Secret Shopper” private detective services to California employers and businesses across many industries. While our mystery shopper services are popular with retail and service industry establishments from Beverly Hills to Long Beach, we can also provide integrity check for business operations and employee conduct/performance in industrial/warehouse, professional services and other corporate settings in Los Angeles and beyond.

When you hear the words “Mystery Shopper,” you probably imagine someone visiting a clothing store or a restaurant, pretending to be a customer and, later, filling out a survey or otherwise reporting back about their experience to an employer or, more often, a larger corporate entity. Perhaps you’ve even seen ads or other types of solicitations about “becoming a mystery shopper” and “earning rewards” or getting to keep the products you try out for free “while helping businesses improve their goods and services.” To understand what we mean by “mystery shopper” and “integrity checks” at Kinsey Investigations, you’ll first need to put these ideas out of your mind.

Kinsey Investigations Mystery Shopper Services for Retail, Food Service and More

At Kinsey Investigations, when we say we offer secret shopper and integrity checks private investigations, we’re not simply talking about posing as a customer once and filling out a short survey. While customer service is certainly part of what we’ll investigate for an employer, when applicable, we also offer integrity checks on company operations including employee activity, money handling/accounting and potential theft or fraud, just to name a few.

When necessary, our mystery-shopper stakeouts and undercover secret-shopper operations can even take place over several days so we can thoroughly observe and report back to our clients. Our L.A. private investigators always put in the time required to get an accurate picture of how your business is running when you’re away. And we report as thoroughly on good customer service and efficient operations as we do when things are going wrong. Everything from annual employee evaluations up to concerns about significant theft and fraud – we approach every private investigation of this type with the same dedication and attention to detail.

Integrity Checks and Secret Shopper Private Investigations by Professional Los Angeles P.I.s

In cases where we find employee misconduct or other concerns, we always weigh the circumstances, and we won’t hesitate to call you right away if the situation warrants. Sometimes, it’s not an employee, but a service contractor or even and ex or current business partner who a business needs help investigating or gathering evidence about for a lawsuit. Because we are a fully-licensed, insured California private investigations firm, our employees know how to document their observations and gather evidence that will be admissible in court. We can even assist your company’s lawyer or law team and testify in court, if it comes to that.

When undertaking a secret shopper private investigation, we will carefully observe all the aspects of the company or establishment’s operations. Our private investigators know how to blend in like any other patron or customer. Far from amateur mystery shoppers, Kinsey Investigations professional P.I.s have the knowledge and experience to identify signs of problems like employee theft. We can report back on employee conduct and performance as well as our overall experience while secret shopping your establishment. In many cases, we can deliver our comprehensive report to our clients the very next day.

Even if you’ve never considered hiring a private investigator to mystery shop your California business, when you find yourself in need of this service, you may need to act quickly. Kinsey Investigations has a stellar record in the Los Angeles business community, and we pride ourselves on the same level of professionalism and integrity that we know business owners hope to establish and maintain for their businesses as well.