Locating Missing Persons in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Kinsey Investigations is the California private investigations firm with an untarnished record locating missing persons. Known as “skip tracing” within the industry, private investigations involving missing persons may or may not involve law enforcement. And while the term “missing person” probably brings to mind the idea of a missing child or other loved one, plenty of Kinsey Investigations’ skip tracing clients have come to us when they were searching for someone unrelated to them, such as an old friend, former roommate, ex-business partner or even a long-lost love interest. Broken contracts, unpaid debts and many other types of disagreements are as likely as any other reasons our clients may need to find someone. And Kinsey Investigations has located everyone we’ve ever been hired to find.

Kinsey Investigations Unsurpassed for Finding Missing Persons

Locating missing persons in Los Angeles and the surrounding area is no small job. At Kinsey Investigations, we understand how important every hour, and even every minute, can be in missing person cases. For cases involving minors, suspected kidnapping, or endangered runaways, we always open our investigation immediately, because we know every second counts. That’s because when a vulnerable person is missing, even if they left home of their own volition, every hour that passes increases the chances they could secure transportation to leave the area, be involved in an accident, or meet someone looking to exploit them. These unsettling possibilities may be just as true for instances involving aging family members or other senior citizens.

Many of our five-star online reviews involve cases like these. A client from 2019 wrote on Yelp, “Responsive and courteous, Kinsey Investigations did a fantastic job and ultimately found ‘L.’ in a matter of a few days!” A similar review from 2021 on Google reads, “I had lost contact with (someone) very close to my heart almost 2 years ago and never thought I’d be talking to (them) again. I’m very grateful.” And just a few months ago, in the summer of 2022, a family in Texas came to us desperate to find their loved one who’d gone missing near Venice Beach. We located the young woman and secured safe, private transportation back to her family in Texas. As mentioned above, we’ve never failed to locate someone we’ve been hired to find.

Skip Tracing Private Investigations

In fact, Kinsey Investigations knows how to find missing persons, both when they want to be found as well as when they definitely do not. Another 2019 Yelp review reads, “They helped me track down a scam artist that other investigators or police authorities could not. I highly recommend them.” For these types of missing persons investigations, we expect our job to be tougher, because someone not wanting to be found may be doing everything in their power to remain invisible and “off the grid.” Ultimately, none of that matters once we take on the case. Our database software can search through the US Postal Service, credit histories and even utilities and subscription services to help us locate missing persons for our clients.

While somewhat different from true missing persons cases, we may employ these or similar tactics from time to time to help us perform welfare checks for our clients. One Yelp reviewer praised us for, “finding the location of my missing brother-in-law.” Their review continues, “He is very frail and cannot fend for himself.” We located the reviewer’s brother-in-law the same day and reunited the two via phone. The reviewer concluded with, “I’m on one side of the United States and he on the other. A huge weight is lifted from my heart. I was thrilled to find him, and he was happy to be found.” Happy endings to our clients’ requests for welfare checks of their loved ones are part of what fuel us to continue the difficult work we do every day.

Whether checking in on someone who’s fallen out of contact or mounting a full-fledged missing-persons investigation, Kinsey Investigations is up to the challenge. We care about our clients, and whether you’re worried about a loved one you haven’t heard from or desperate to find someone who’s broken a trust or agreement with you, you won’t find a California private investigator with a track-record better than ours.