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For all types of background check screenings, working with a private investigator offers many advantages over using an online or automated background check service. Especially in California, a state with some of the strictest privacy laws (not to mention some of the stiffest penalties for people injured through negligence or failure of adequate due diligence), the cost of working with an experienced Los Angeles private investigator may pay for itself many times over in protecting you or your organization from expensive litigation and potential penalties. Like most California private investigation services, background check investigations range from simple to complex, Basic pre-employment background check screenings may only require verification of the information a job applicant has provided including their identifying details and any history of criminal activity. More extensive and comprehensive background check investigations dive deeper, researching residential, employment, and financial histories, searching for everything from civil and criminal litigation, nationwide, for up to seven years prior. No matter what kind of background check screening services are required, Kinsey Investigations offers an appropriate level of service to find the answers you or your organization need to make the best choice for yourself, your family, or your company.

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A background check screening, whether it’s for business or personal purposes can answer many vital questions about a person or an organization. Hiring a Los Angeles detective to conduct a background check investigation gives clients the opportunity to tailor the type of background screening to their unique needs. Kinsey Investigations offers three levels of background check private investigation services so that every client who comes to us can choose how extensively they would like to look into the subject’s past. For many background checks, our Tier One services fit the bill. Most often used for pre-employment screenings, these quick and easy background investigations verify the information that a job candidate has given and rule out any recent involvement in criminal activity. For those needing more extensive services, our Tier Two or Tier Three background screenings can find the answers to just about any questions a client may have as well as those they may never have thought to ask.

At the simplest level, our Tier 1 services, most often requested for pre-employment background screenings, typically involve the verification of essential details such as the subject’s age, date of birth, and social security number. As the name implies, these types of background checks are commonly requested by employers for potential new hires. We also verify educational and employment history, and search for past involvement in any civil or criminal court cases, nationwide. Choosing to work directly with a private investigator instead of resorting to automated or online background check services, is an excellent choice for organizations of all kinds, from small businesses or non-profits, to corporations or large educational institutions, who want to get an accurate picture of a job applicant’s honesty and integrity.

Comprehensive and Extensive Background Check Screenings

However, there are times when a more thorough background screening is required. Our comprehensive background investigations take a deeper look into the subject’s history. In addition to verifying the details covered in a simple background check, comprehensive background screenings also gather information about locations and dates of residency, marital status, any past bankruptcies, foreclosures, allegations of fraud, evictions, liens, etc. Any criminal history at the national, state, or municipal levels will also be researched. At this level of service, we also check for past or present aliases or any potentially fraudulent identifying information, and we don’t stop at the individual, either, but also identify their closest relatives, friends, and associates.

We call our most thorough background screenings Extensive Background Investigations, and at this level of service, we leave no stone unturned. Again, the basic and comprehensive investigations’ elements are included, but with significantly greater attention to detail. We’ll also verify any information we can find about the subject through our confidential sources. Where the comprehensive background check records dates and locations of residence, an extensive background investigation goes even further, potentially interviewing past neighbors, business associates, relatives and other direct and indirect references. We’ll determine sources of income, and scour records from the previous seven years for involvement in criminal activity and legal proceedings at every level of government. An extensive background check is truly the Rolls Royce of background screening investigations guaranteed to provide an accurate picture of the subject’s past.

As we’ve mentioned before, the subject of a background check screening is not always an individual. Businesses too can be scrutinized through business background checks. These are typically employed to validate a company’s legal, financial, and operational integrity. Business background checks provide invaluable insights into the company’s history and can help our clients make informed choices about how to handle their competition, possible collaborations and more. For each level of service, Kinsey Investigations has the professional expertise and more than 20 years’ experience offering background screening investigations throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, to both individuals and organizations. No matter why you need a background check, and whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, give our offices a call to get started today.