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Activity check private investigations prove useful for many different kind of private detective services. Usually consisting of a relatively brief “check-in” on a person or situation, activity checks may involve surveillance, interviews, or location-tracking, among other investigation techniques. California private investigators use activity check investigations to find straightforward answers to questions for many different types of clients. Parents, for instance, may want to know who their children are spending time with, or how they are behaving at school or at home while the parents are away. Adult children or other relatives may need to know how well an aging family member is doing, whether living on their own or in a care facility. And business owners and management teams may request activity checks to confirm details about a job applicant or potential business partner, or for cases of suspected disability or workers compensation fraud. Activity checks are usually fast and affordable and may potentially save a client from needing more extensive private investigation services. Unfortunately, some activity checks confirm a client’s worst fears, becoming the precursor to Los Angeles infidelity investigations, child custody and child support cases, and fraud or other types of private investigations.

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  • A husband or wife may suspect their spouse of cheating but have no proof.
  • A parent may worry about their child’s wellbeing while in the care of a coparent or stepparent.
  • Human resources personnel may need to confirm that an employee’s claim for disability or workers compensation is legitimate.

In all these cases, an activity check investigation from a Los Angeles private detective can confirm or disprove a client’s theory. Activity checks are usually brief surveillance operations that provide an accurate picture of an individual’s activities or situation. These fast, affordable investigations may fit the bill in a variety of situations, including family disputes, business inquiries, and even insurance claims. A California private investigator will observe a person or persons to find the answer to a particular question. If necessary, they may also interview the subject or others who may have pertinent information. Location-tracking, database searches and other investigation techniques sometimes play a part in activity checks as well. In some cases, activity checks may confirm the need for more in-depth private investigation services such as cheating spouse investigations, child custody/support cases, disability or workers comp fraud claims, etc.

For families and various types of family law investigations, activity checks prove useful in and of themselves or as a first step in a more thorough investigation. They can confirm a child’s wellbeing while in the care of a coparent or stepparent. On the flipside, parents may request an activity check on their young-adult child to find out how they’re behaving at school or at college or even at home while the parents are away. They can also be instrumental in scrutinizing older adults’ living situations – how they’re managing if they’re still living independently, or how well they’re being treated in a rehabilitation or long-term care facility. Activity checks may also be useful when infidelity is suspected. An L.A. private detective can conduct a quick surveillance operation for a client who believes their spouse may be cheating to determine if a more extensive adultery investigation is warranted. For these and other situations involving intimate partners and families, the answers offered by activity checks may put a client’s mind at ease or help them determine the next steps they need to take for their family’s and their own wellbeing.

Activity Checks for California Businesses

For businesses and other organizations, regardless of size, activity check investigations prove useful in terms of hiring choices, potential partnerships and collaborations, or for due diligence in cases of employee disability and workers compensation claims. From small businesses to large corporate entities, hiring an unscrupulous employee can lead to disastrous consequences for the organization. Pre-employment background checks provide some peace of mind, but especially when the new hire will have access to sensitive information or key aspects of business operations, the importance of verifying their honesty and goodwill cannot be overstated. Even for lower-stakes hiring decisions, the work-from-home trend opens up opportunities for employees to take advantage of their employers’ trust. Activity checks can confirm an employee’s or job candidate’s honesty about how they’re representing themselves to your company and how they’re actually spending their days, giving your organization the information required to make appropriate hiring (or firing) decisions. The same can be said for potential partners, board members, or collaborations with other businesses. An activity check is an affordable way to find out the truth to the specific questions you have before making a decision in the best interest of the business.

While the institutions of disability insurance and workers compensation both marked important steps forward for workers’ rights in the U.S., it didn’t take long for bad actors to begin exploiting these safety net programs. Exaggerating or even inventing an injury, illness or disability of some kind became an avenue for unscrupulous individuals to game the system and receive insurance payouts they were not honestly entitled to. It’s estimated that California pays out some $5 billion per year in fraudulent workers compensation alone. The burden falls to employers and insurance agencies to avoid approving bogus claims and minimize the financial impact of premiums rising and taxpayer dollars ending up in the pockets of fraudsters. Paying a California private investigator for an activity check to learn the truth about a claimant’s health situation could actually save everyone involved from the financial burden of disability and workers compensation fraud.

All in all, activity checks are a fast, affordable way to confirm suspicions or gain peace of mind. A Los Angeles private detective from a professional agency like Kinsey Investigations can take on these cases efficiently and effectively. We are a licensed and insured California private investigations firm with more than 20 years’ experience conducting activity checks and many other types of private detective services. When it comes to your loved ones’ safety or your business’s welfare, knowing the truth is the first step to making informed decisions. Call Kinsey Investigations today to find out the truth for you.