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Private investigators in Los Angeles and throughout California offer missing heir investigation services to attorneys or direct to clients. Missing heir private investigations, also referred to as missing-heir searches, involve locating a person (usually a relative) with whom a client has lost contact. In some cases, missing heir searches are primarily for the children, grandchildren, or other successors of a relative presumed deceased. Los Angeles private detective agencies may be hired to find and account for missing heirs when a will is in probate, when the person may have a partial interest or ownership in family property, or before real estate or other valuable family holdings can be sold. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed California private investigations firm with over 20 years’ experience solving missing-heir cases. Our female private detectives have the professional training and experience to locate and account for relatives or anyone that our clients have lost touch with. Sometimes the only details we start with are a name and the last known address, but we know the techniques and we have the technology to do the rest. If you need to find a relative you’ve lost touch with or locate a potential heir to your estate, don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can begin solving your case.

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In our modern-day world of ancestry websites and DNA home test kits, headlines about long lost family members reaching out to one another have become commonplace. It’s easy to imagine that all anyone needs to do to find someone they’re related to is buy into one of these services, but sometimes both the method and the reason a person is searching for a relative look very different. Heir-search private investigations, sometimes called “missing heir searches” are conducted by private detective agencies to help clients determine the identity, whereabouts, and other details of their heirs or potential heirs. The reasons that a client (or an attorney working for their own client) might need a private investigator to conduct an heir search vary, but it often has to do with the inheritance, probate, or sale of a deceased person’s property or estate. Sometimes, a will cannot be legally executed until a determination can be made about someone named in it or their potential family members. In other cases, potential heirs with a partial interest in inherited property must be located before it can be sold. Even if someone named as an heir has moved out of the country or cut off contact with the rest of the family, they or their children or grandchildren, etc. may need to be accounted for as either living or deceased for the inheritance, sale, or other transaction to move forward.

Kinsey Investigations has worked on many missing-heir investigations in our 20+ years as a California private investigations firm. Because of our reputation as one of the best private investigators in Los Angeles, many attorneys in southern California prefer working with us on these and other kinds of private investigations. When it comes to missing-heir search investigations, our clients may have only sparse details about the person they’re hoping to locate, and the information could be many years or even many decades old. We recently took on a case in which our client had not had contact with their family member since the 1970s. They didn’t even know if the person was still alive. Our team of female private investigators were able to locate their relative, finding them alive and well. We reconnected the family who later shared details about a happy reunion with our firm. And while not all missing heir searches return such good results, for those clients who receive more solemn news, finding out their relative has passed away can still offer valuable closure and the chance to move forward with their lives.

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For other clients, especially those who’ve never met the person they’re looking for, the outcome of such cases may not be as sentimental. Regardless of the circumstances, missing heir searches allow many individuals and families to move forward with the important decisions in their life, whether those decisions stem from questions of blood ties, property, or the family estate. While few secrets from the past can stand the test of modern technology, missing heir searches have been answering these questions going back over a hundred years and even before. Private investigators have passed down the information, techniques, and training to carry out these investigations, not unlike the way those seeking these service hope to secure a family connection or a precious family estate for the generations to come.