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Los Angeles process servers are not the only ones who can serve legal documents in southern California. California private investigators can also handle process service of court paperwork or other important documents that need to be legally served. At Kinsey Investigations, all our L.A. private investigators are also process servers, and process service of all kinds of documents is one of the many private investigations services we offer. While process service is often depicted in a negative light, in movies and on TV, anyone who’s ever waited weeks or months for court documents to be served in their high-stakes case can explain what a relief it is to hear that the parties named in their case have been served. While it is also legal for a lay person to carry out process service, as long as they’re not a party in the case, there are many solid reasons for choosing professional process service from a Los Angeles private detective agency. At Kinsey Investigations, our female private detectives have more than 20 years’ experience locating people or businesses named in legal proceedings and officially serving them with the required paperwork for our clients’ cases to move forward. Many of our five-star online reviews tell stories exactly like this.

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“You’ve been served!” For many people not working in law or law enforcement, they’ve only heard these words spoken in movies or TV shows. They also may not realize that the much less-used phrase “process service” is the legal industry’s term for the action of serving someone, or that professional process servers are those who perform process service for pay. Some law enforcement officers may also carry out process service, and for many private detectives, serving people with court documents or other kinds of official paperwork is one of many private investigations services we offer. Paying a private detective for process service can save people precious time and expedite their legal case which cannot move forward until the other parties named in the case have officially been served. Kinsey Investigations is an experienced and top-rated Los Angeles private investigations firm with more than 20 years’ experience carrying out process service for our clients.

For some of our past process service clients, Kinsey Investigations was not the first place they called. Some have told us about waiting weeks or even months while another process server or California private investigations firm failed to locate the person they needed served or dragged their feet in some other way. For many of these same clients, Kinsey Investigations has been able to locate the person our client needed served and complete the process service, usually with photo evidence of the serve, within a few days or even just a few hours. We don’t wait around or waste any time getting jobs done for our clients, and it’s one of the many reasons we have so many five-star online reviews.

While the idea of being served with legal documents may conjure up a lot of negative images, anyone who’s ever had their important legal case in the limbo while waiting on process service has a different understanding. Whether it’s a divorce, a child custody or child support case, a legal challenge to alimony, or something else, a legal proceeding can be initiated but not litigated until all parties named in the case are officially notified about it. That notification must be through process service of the legal documents pertaining to the case. Imagine the fear and uncertainty growing, day by day, as someone dealing with any of these circumstances waits for confirmation that documents have been successfully served. When we think about process service from this point of view, our perspective on it can change drastically, and we can understand the immense amount of relief that people like many of our clients feel when they hear that news.

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It’s true that private citizens can also carry out process service, as long as they are not, themselves, a party named in the case, but we’ve talked before about the many potential pitfalls of trying to use this sort of “DIY” amateur process service. Los Angeles private investigators have the training and the skills necessary to both locate the person and carry out the process service, safely and expediently. Especially for any situation where emotions run high, such as family law cases, it pays to use a professional for process service to avoid any legal pitfalls or unpleasant or potentially dangerous encounters.

Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured California private investigations firm with a premier track record carrying out process service and many other private investigations services for our clients. A lot of parents and families keep in touch with us years after their cases, because they’re so grateful for the help we’ve been able to provide to them and the compassion with which we carry out our work. As of 2024, we’ve been rated among the best Los Angeles Private Investigators by, and we’re equally proud of having earned the reputation of “the California private investigations firm with a heart,” in our home Los Angeles community.