Female Private Detectives for Child Custody Investigations

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A parent may hire a California private investigations firm to conduct a child support or child custody investigation in L.A. or elsewhere throughout the state. A Los Angeles private investigator can provide surveillance to check on a child’s welfare and living situation while in the care of a coparent or stepparent. Los Angeles private detective agencies may also be hired by attorneys or directly by parents to gather evidence for these family law cases if either parent is living with a new partner, or if one or both parents’ financial situation has changed. Female private investigators are ideal for family law cases involving children for several reasons, not the least of which being that most kids of all ages feel more comfortable speaking with us. At Kinsey Investigations, we’re parents too, and we understand the intense emotions that become part of these sensitive situations. Our team of female private detectives still receive thanks and family updates, even years later, because we have helped so many families take the legal steps necessary to live their best lives.

Child Custody Investigations in L.A.

At Kinsey Investigations, when we get calls about child support or child custody investigations in L.A. or the surrounding area, we know we’ll be approaching those cases with our hearts as much as our heads. We’re parents too, and our team of female private investigators have not only the expertise but the emotional intelligence to handle sensitive family law investigations. A child’s bond with either parent can only be beneficial when the parent is loving and functional. Unfortunately, too many parents can’t or won’t maintain a healthy supportive relationship with their children, and that’s when we often get called in to check on a child’s welfare and sometimes gather evidence that may be used in child custody or child support litigation.

Female private investigators have many distinct advantages from the very beginning of family law investigations. Not only are the majority of women (and men) more comfortable speaking with us, so too are children of pretty much all ages. Any time children are involved, the stakes of a case rise significantly. By the time questions of custody or child support come into the picture, everyone involved has probably been through a significant amount of stress already. Communication may have broken down, and clients in these cases come to Kinsey Investigations, because they want the very best for their children, and they need our help to make sure the family courts have all the facts of their case. Any time surveillance becomes a part of a family law investigation, once again, female private detectives have the edge over our male counterparts. We can easily blend into settings such as daycares and schools, and we don’t automatically arouse as much suspicion walking or driving through neighborhoods. We’ll stake out the location, get the information we’re looking for, and move along without arousing the least suspicion.

Best California Private Investigator for Family Law

In our 20+ years as a California private investigations firm, we’ve worked on many family law cases. Even our competitors refer child custody and child support clients to us. We have a reputation as the best Los Angeles private investigator, especially for highly emotional cases involving families and children. Our female private detectives strike the perfect balance between warmth and professionalism to put both children and adults at ease. We share our clients’ goals of ensuring their families’ high quality of life. These are often the clients who consider us part of their inner circle for years to come, long after their cases are closed.

Just as parents make choices about the safest car seats or the best schools for their children, when parents in Los Angeles and Orange counties need the best California private investigator for their family law case, they turn to Kinsey Investigations. We are licensed and insured throughout California, and when we agree to take on a case, we commit 100% of our expertise and compassion toward helping parents create the best possible outcome for their children.