Surveillance Private Investigations in Los Angeles Surveillance Investigations - A woman looks through a pair of binoculars

Many California private investigations involve surveillance. Los Angeles private detectives often use surveillance to answer a client’s question(s) or gather information or evidence for many types of cases. While some surveillance operations require an L.A. private detective to follow one or more persons from place to place, others involve visiting or even staking out a single location to get answers to specific questions. Everything from quick and easy activity checks and secret shopper private investigations to multi-day stakeouts fall under this definition. Surveillance may make up the entirety of a job or be one of many tools that a California private investigator employs to serve their clients. Female private detectives have the edge when carrying out surveillance investigations, because we naturally put most people at ease and can easily blend into many environments. Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private investigators use surveillance as part of quite a few of our private investigations services.

When California Private Investigators Use Surveillance

Facial recognition and DNA registries, location tracking and ad-targeting software, dating apps and A.I.-generated media – in these days of fast-paced digital services and ever-evolving technology, one might think old-fashioned ways of learning, researching and even meeting new people have become completely obsolete. However, as any California private investigator will tell you, sometimes the tried-and-true methods that have worked for decades remain the most reliable and effective ways to get the information you need. Many private investigation services depend in whole or in part on surveillance. And while online surveillance has certainly grown in usefulness in the 21st century, old-fashioned, in-person observation or stakeouts remain an important tool in any Los Angeles private detective’s arsenal. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured California private detective agency offering surveillance services throughout California. Our female private investigators also have a distinct advantage any time surveillance becomes a part of a case, because we blend into just about any setting without arousing the same level of suspicion as our male counterparts. From fast and easy activity checks to multi-day stakeouts, Kinsey Investigations won’t hesitate to use surveillance any time it becomes necessary to a case.

Aside from the classic car chase sequence, surveillance is one of the most common parts of a private detective’s job depicted in movies and television shows. While rarely as exciting as Hollywood would have you believe, surveillance remains an important part of many types of private investigations services. Both activity checks investigations and integrity checks (secret shopper) services involve surveillance. Surveillance may also become a part of many other kinds of cases including Los Angeles infidelity investigations, child custody and child support cases, and workers compensation fraud investigations just to name a few. Pretty much any time the questions involve who, what, when, where or how, there’s a good chance that surveillance may become part of the investigation. Proving that a person is or is not spending time at a particular location, monitoring when and where someone goes, and observing their behavior and the activities they’re engaging in are all questions that California private investigators use surveillance to answer.

Female Private Detectives Ideal for Surveillance Operations

At Kinsey Investigations, we nearly always assign one or more of our female private detectives to surveillance operations, because they can blend into so many environments without being noticed. Whereas an unknown man might immediately arouse suspicion and put residents or staff on guard at a childcare facility, school, or retirement community, our female private investigators have no trouble moving in and out of these kinds of locations. We’ve found the same to be true in neighborhoods and other residential areas. And any time an interaction becomes part of an investigation, such as for integrity checks and secret shopper services, women can pose as customers far more easily than men in many retail establishments. Whereas a man will be asked to explain his presence, a woman may move freely and without question through the same space. If you’re thinking of hiring a private investigator for an activity or welfare check, a secret shopper operation, or more in-depth surveillance, reach out to Kinsey Investigations today.