Can Cyberbullying Have Legal Consequences?

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Every year, California private investigators get significantly more inquiries about cyberbullying and take on more of these investigations than they did ten, five or even three years ago. Los Angeles private detective agencies have stepped up to the plate and expanded their services to partner with individuals and families in the international fight against this modern form of harassment. Kinsey Investigations female private investigators pride ourselves on our agency’s reputation as the California private investigations firm with a heart. We know a lot about California law including its anti-bullying legislation, and we have experience partnering with families, their legal teams and law enforcement to investigate cyberbullying cases and helping to put a stop to this damaging and dangerous online behavior. If you or your family member want to take legal action against a cyberbully, hiring a licensed L.A. private investigator to help gather evidence in the case can significantly increase your odds of success in the legal system. Cyberbullying is a scourge of our modern society, and Kinsey Investigations is dedicated to fighting this 21st century crime alongside families, educators and the California legal system.

California Private Investigators Partner in the Fight Against Cyberbullying

While laws vary from state to state, cyberbullying has legal consequences of some sort in 45 states in the US and covers both minor and adult cases. Cyberbullying is a form of harassment, and harassment is illegal. The state of California takes harassment very seriously, especially harassment “with intent to place another person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of the other person’s immediate family,” which can result in a year in jail or a $1000 fine. While cyberbullying is typically thought of as an issue that teens face, adults can be victims of cyberbullying as well. If you have been affected by cyberbullying and want to pursue legal action, hiring a private investigator to gather digital evidence for a case is a great first step. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured private detective agency in California with years of experience in digital forensics and cyberbullying cases. If you want to press criminal charges on behalf of yourself or your child, you will want a professional private investigator for cyberbullying to help guide you through your case.

Today, we know that cyberbullying can have severe, long-term emotional, mental and physical impacts. Thankfully, California has comprehensive anti-bullying laws that include criminal sanctions for cyberbullying. Whether the act of harassment occurred over text or email, via social media, or is related to pictures being taken or posted without permission, you have the right to press charges and pursue legal action against a cyberbully. In addition to that, the state of California also requires schools to have specific cyberbullying policies in place and empowers them to discipline students for cyberbullying, even if it occurs off campus. With roughly 16% of high school students experiencing cyberbullying each year, this is an important step to addressing the issue from all angles.

That does not mean there aren’t cases of cyberbullying between adults on social media or even in the workplace, which is why cyberbullying is a misdemeanor crime in California whether it’s perpetrated against a child or an adult. It’s important to remember that cyberbullying may involve harassment of someone on social media, but it can take the form of online stalking, extortion, sometimes involving sensitive photos or information. These crimes often come with additional charges beyond cyberbullying, though they all require a thorough investigation. A private detective can assist with gathering both digital and physical evidence to help ensure justice is served.

Female Private Investigators have the Edge in Cases of Cyberbullying

As explained in a previous post, cyberbullying is the digital harassment of a person with the intent of causing fear or harm. Of course, proving “intent” can be tricky in legal cases, which is where a cyberbullying private detective comes in. A good private investigator will gather information not only about the act of cyberbullying itself, but about the bully, any accomplices, and all other relevant background information. Having a professional reinterview witnesses and involved parties and conduct digital forensics investigation such as cell phone and computer forensics can solidify a legal case for cyberbullying so that the bullies are held accountable.

Kinsey Investigations’ Los Angeles private detectives have over 20 years of experience investigating cases of bullying and harassment in the state of California. For cyberbullying cases, the medium has changed, but the process is much the same. Our team of female detectives are especially adept in working with teens and young adults. Here at Kinsey Investigations, we’re parents too, and we know how to make people of all ages, even young children, feel more comfortable and confident talking to us. We work with families, educators, legal professionals and law enforcement throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. If you or your child experiences cyberbullying, you can reach out to us knowing that we are ready to help build your case with the utmost commitment, compassion and expertise.