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Can Cyberbullying Have Legal Consequences?

Every year, California private investigators get significantly more inquiries about cyberbullying and take on more of these investigations than they did ten, five or even three years ago. Los Angeles private detective agencies have stepped up to the plate and expanded their services to partner with individuals and families in the international fight against this modern form of harassment. Kinsey Investigations female private investigators pride ourselves on our agency’s reputation as the California private investigations firm with a heart. We know a lot about California law including its anti-bullying legislation, and we have experience partnering with families, their legal teams and law enforcement to investigate cyberbullying cases and helping to put a stop to this damaging and dangerous online behavior. If you or your family member want to take legal action against a cyberbully, hiring a licensed L.A. private investigator to help gather evidence in the case can significantly increase your odds of success in the legal system. Cyberbullying is a scourge of our modern society, and Kinsey Investigations is dedicated to fighting this 21st century crime alongside families, educators and the California legal system.

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