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Does Cyberbullying Happen to Adults

Did you know that cyberbullying can happen to adults as well as children and teens, that some persistent cases of cyberbullying constitute a crime, and that Los Angeles private detective agencies are being hired more often to investigate it? Discussions about cyberbullying often frame the problem as an unfortunate phenomenon among adolescents, a disciplinary issue to be dealt with primarily by parents and educators. However, more and more adults are reporting being the victims of cyberbullying at work, through social media and via online gaming platforms. No matter the age of those involved, hiring a licensed California private investigator can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to identify those responsible and bring the harassment to an end. Not only that, but in cases determined to constitute a violation of California’s laws against bullying and harassment, an L.A. private investigator can conduct a thorough investigation, gather useful evidence, and even testify in court on our client’s behalf. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured California private investigations firm, and our team of female private detectives have decades of experience and a passion for helping our clients and their families through all kinds of highly emotional cases. We also understand the seriousness of cyberbullying, whether it’s happening to a child, teen, or adult.

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Kinsey Investigations Cyberbullying Private Investigations

Can Cyberbullying Have Legal Consequences?

Every year, California private investigators get significantly more inquiries about cyberbullying and take on more of these investigations than they did ten, five or even three years ago. Los Angeles private detective agencies have stepped up to the plate and expanded their services to partner with individuals and families in the international fight against this modern form of harassment. Kinsey Investigations female private investigators pride ourselves on our agency’s reputation as the California private investigations firm with a heart. We know a lot about California law including its anti-bullying legislation, and we have experience partnering with families, their legal teams and law enforcement to investigate cyberbullying cases and helping to put a stop to this damaging and dangerous online behavior. If you or your family member want to take legal action against a cyberbully, hiring a licensed L.A. private investigator to help gather evidence in the case can significantly increase your odds of success in the legal system. Cyberbullying is a scourge of our modern society, and Kinsey Investigations is dedicated to fighting this 21st century crime alongside families, educators and the California legal system.

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How can I recognize if someone is being cyberbullied

How Can I Recognize if Someone is Being Cyberbullied?

As a licensed California private investigations firm, Kinsey Investigations has noticed an uptick in the number of inquiries we get about cyberbullying. Parents and educators are asking many questions, but one of the most important for anyone who regularly interacts with tweens or teens is “How can I recognize if someone is being cyberbullied?” Given how cyberbullying can actually lead many young people to become more withdrawn and share less about their lives, it can certainly feel like private detective work for parents to and teachers to investigate the problem. Here at Kinsey Investigations, we’ve written before about keeping children safe online, cyberbullying 101 and our computer and cell phone forensics services. And because we’re a Los Angeles private detective agency dedicated to serving our community, we have compiled the following information to help the people parenting and educating our community’s children recognize when someone is being cyberbullied.

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