Surveillance Private Detective Services in California

Kinsey Investigations is the California private investigator firm unrivaled in providing surveillance services in places like Malibu and Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Westwood and Santa Monica. Surveillance often becomes part of other private investigations services such as locating missing persons in Los Angeles, infidelity investigations, and fraud / worker’s compensation cases, just to name a few. Female private investigators have a distinct advantage over our male counterparts when working surveillance operations, as we naturally attract less suspicion and can blend into many environments in non-threatening ways.

Surveillance Services for Infidelity Investigations, Locating Missing Person in Los Angeles & More

Many kinds of private investigations include or involve surveillance. From cheating spouse private investigations to locating missing persons, surveillance often becomes an important tool for any private detective in Los Angeles or elsewhere. To surveil means to observe, and at their simplest, surveillance operations involve watching and/or following one or more people, on foot, in real time. Modern surveillance, however, may use any number of assistive technologies, everything from vehicles and cameras to the newest streaming video security devices, satellites, drones and more.

Kinsey Investigations offers surveillance services in the areas of Los Angeles and Orange counties. Primarily, we carry out surveillance operations as part of other private investigations services we offer. These may include:

Missing Persons Investigations:

We have an untarnished record locating missing persons in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. From endangered youth who desperately want to be reunited with their families to deadbeat business partners who are doing everything in their power not to be found, Kinsey Investigations has located everyone we’ve ever been hired to find. Surveillance plays a key role in nearly all missing persons investigations. These are the satisfying stories and happy endings that make every day on the job worthwhile.

Infidelity Investigations:

Infidelity investigations in the greater Los Angeles area often involve observing and recording evidence of the suspected cheating spouse’s activities. Our private investigators can find, follow and record the individual, either on foot or in a vehicle. We have a keen sense for the signs and signals that accompany suspicious behavior. The evidence we gather through surveillance may be used to confirm our clients’ suspicions or sometimes as part of divorce cases in court.

Child Custody/Support:

Child Support and Child Custody Investigations almost always require surveillance, whether it’s determining a parent’s fitness for gaining or retaining custody or calculating fair amounts of child support. In past cases like these, we’ve documented custodial parents engaging in unsafe behaviors around their children, documented activities related to sources of income, and gathered evidence to support implementing or revising child support payments.

Benefits of Hiring Kinsey Investigations Female Private Investigators

These are not the only private investigations services that may require surveillance. Process Service of legal documents, Attorney Support, Asset & Hidden Finance Investigations and many other types of cases may involve surveillance operations, some longer and more involved than others. Kinsey Investigations is licensed and insured to provide all the private detective services we advertise. When choosing a private investigator for your case, you should always ask to see their license. Any reputable P.I. will be able to give you their license number, which will allow you to look them up with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Likewise, making sure the private investigator’s firm has insurance protects you as their client from monetary damages that may occur as a result of the investigation.

Hiring a female private investigator offers significant advantages in any case where surveillance comes into play. Attracting less suspicion and naturally putting people at ease, we can easily gain access and hide in plain sight almost anywhere. This is one more reason we may not always be the first firm our clients have called, but we’re nearly always the last. Since every case is different, give us a call to find out more today. The initial consultation is always free.