Child Custody Investigations in L.A.

Child Custody Investigations require ingenuity, emotional intelligence and a lighter touch than other private detective services. Kinsey Investigations has the California private investigators trained and skilled in conducting child custody investigations in L.A. Long Beach, Santa Monica and elsewhere in Orange and Los Angeles and counties. Female private investigators have an innate sense of the high level of care and discretion necessary in cases like these. If you’re ever feeling unsure about your child’s welfare with a co-parent, a stepparent or their partner, trust the team at Kinsey Investigations. We work quickly, discreetly, and always with your family’s best interest at heart.

The Best California Private Investigator for Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations represent some of the most contentious and emotionally charged cases for private detectives in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Unlike some other California private investigators, Kinsey Investigations genuinely cares about the welfare of our clients and their families. Our team of female private investigators approaches each case with its unique circumstances in mind, and always with the most vulnerable parties’ best interests at heart. Cases such as these require the kid-glove treatment, and we make sure to deliver that to the best of our abilities.

No two custody cases are exactly alike, so we make sure to take the time to understand the circumstances in each individual case. Some of our clients are not seeking litigation or changes to the custody agreement when they first come to us, but they are concerned for their child. Kinsey Investigations offers welfare checks where we can discreetly observe a co-parent or stepparent and document the conditions in their home as well as other details pertaining to their treatment of the child while in their care. The findings of our private investigator team will either put our client’s mind at ease or solidify their resolve to advocate for their child’s best interest, up to and including legal interventions.

Abuse and neglect can take many forms, some easier to observe and document than others. Kinsey Investigations’ 20 years’ experience serves us well when conducting child custody investigations. We know what subtle signs to look for that less experienced private detectives might not pick up on. For instance:

  • Does a child’s behavior change noticeably around one parent or another?
  • Does a usually talkative child become withdrawn and quiet around a parent or the parent’s new partner?
  • Does the child act protective of a particular parent or seem overly concerned and vigilant when staying at one home or the other?

There are many other signs, some, even more subtle, that our team at Kinsey Investigations know to look for in cases such as these. We’re also well aware that neglect can be just as detrimental as abuse.

Los Angeles Private Detectives with a Heart for Families

In our years of working child custody investigations, we’ve observed parents and other caregivers engaging in all kinds of unsafe and detrimental behaviors including abusing drugs or alcohol, leaving young children alone or improperly supervised in the home or elsewhere. Often, parents keep up appearances in public and when interacting with co-parents, school staff or court liaisons, but will indulge in their vices or abusive behaviors behind closed doors. This is where surveillance operations come into play. Kinsey Investigations can monitor and document a parent or other caregiver’s behavior before and during their time with the child. No parent is perfect, but if they’re engaging in risky, neglectful or abusive behavior that could potentially put a child at risk, we’re going to uncover the truth and prioritize the needs of the vulnerable child in the situation.

Because we care deeply about the families we serve, we also won’t hesitate to take immediate action if we directly observe mistreatment or endangerment. Whether it’s notifying our client, alerting the proper authorities, or taking other swift steps availed to us by our licensing and California law, we will not stand by when a child’s welfare is at stake. We are often called the private investigator firm with heart, and this is just one more example of how we’ve earned that reputation. If you’re concerned for your own child’s wellbeing with your current custody arrangement, give us a call today for a free case evaluation.