Social Media Private Investigations in California

Kinsey Investigations offers Social Media Investigations by a licensed and insured California private detective firm serving clients from Los Angeles to Long Beach. Social media private investigations may be carried out as part of business pre-employment screenings, premarital or relationship background checks, or to augment a number of other services we offer. Like surveillance, social media investigations can offer insight into a person’s day-to-day life, the people they associate with, the establishments they like to frequent and other details about their public and private personas.

Kinsey Investigations’ Social Media Background Services

A social media investigation may not sound like something anyone would need to hire a private investigator to carry out. After all, a large percentage of the U.S. and many other populations around the world “live their lives online,” posting to several social networks, sometimes multiple times per day. But as you’ll discover, a social media private investigation becomes an important tool, and depending on several factors, one that an everyday person may not have the access or the expertise to carry out.

If you’ve ever watched any of the reality shows about “catfishing” or other forms of internet fraud, you already know how an individual’s online presence, or alleged lack thereof, can quickly become a red flag for anyone considering whether to hire them, pursue a romantic relationship or otherwise engage with them. You may also have learned how important social media investigations can be in piecing together the truth in these situations. Different generations favor different social platforms, and the landscape of social media is as ever-changing as the seasons.

For these and other reasons, a private citizen attempting to conduct a social media investigation may face the following complications:

  • For one thing, most social networks require you to establish an account before viewing other users’ content. Unless you already have accounts on all the platforms you’d like to use to investigate the person, your time, at the very least, will be spent creating real or “dummy” accounts solely for the purpose of your investigation. Notably, creating fake “dummy” accounts is not advisable for private citizens for a number of reasons.
  • Secondly, even if you have established accounts on all the platforms you’d like to use for your research, if the subject of your search is even somewhat savvy about their online presence, they could be one or more steps ahead of you.
    • They may have established multiple accounts, one for their favorable public persona and one or more others that use different names, have different privacy settings, or that they use to participate in different groups or communities.
    • If they have reason to suspect that you might be researching them online, they might have taken steps to block you from the account or accounts they don’t want you to see.
  • And even if you were to dodge all these pitfalls, without the right kind of training and experience, you’ll miss details, connections and all sorts of virtual “breadcrumbs” that all our private detectives know how to find and follow.

Social Media Investigations for Business and Personal Decision-Making

Instead, trust Kinsey Investigations to carry out the online research you need to get an accurate picture of an individual’s virtual activities. The information we’ve been able to find for our clients has helped us locate missing persons, provided crucial evidence in several types of family law cases and uncovered threats to employees’ safety as part of corporate security investigations. In short, we know what to look for, and how to look for it.

Social media investigations are included in our Tier 3: Extensive Background Investigations and may be used as part of many other types of investigations when we’re looking deeply for information about a person. For these, as for the majority of the services we offer, sometimes we’re not the first Los Angeles private detective agency our client has called, but we’re usually the last. Every case is unique, and we encourage everyone to contact us for a free case evaluation. The truth is out there, and Kinsey Investigations can help you find it before making any crucial decisions for your life or business