California Alimony and Cohabitation Private Investigations

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California private investigators see cases of ex-spouses failing to report changes in their circumstances all the time. Anytime a person is receiving child support or alimony payments, material changes to their living situation, such as cohabitating with a new partner constitute a change in circumstances that could lead to a reduction in the amount their ex is required to pay to them. If they decide to conceal or lie about these changes to avoid that reduction, a licensed L.A. private investigator can likely gather the evidence their ex needs to prove cohabitation or another change in circumstances. With this kind of assistance from a California private investigations firm, the person making alimony or other court-ordered payments may be able to have the amounts of those payments appropriately reduced. Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private investigators have the training and experience to offer these alimony / cohabitation private investigations for clients all over the Los Angeles area, from Malibu and Beverly Hills to Bel Air and Long Beach. We’ve been voted the Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles twice, and even our competitor firms recommend us for family law cases such as these.

California Private Detective Services for Proving Cohabitation

Just as every person and every relationship is different, when a married couple divorce, each of their experiences will be unique as well. We generally think of the divorce process consisting of the time between when separation is first brought up in the marriage until the legal proceedings are final and the paperwork signed. However, many if not most divorces have lasting effects on all the involved parties, and not only emotional ones. In the majority of divorces that involve child custody and support, the parents will need to maintain some communication until their youngest child turns 18. Even when children are not involved, depending on the couple’s joint income and assets, state laws, and several other factors, one spouse may have to pay alimony to their ex for a certain period of years or indefinitely. While some ex-spouses find ways to approach these challenges with good faith and goodwill, all too often, these ongoing requirements become contentious, especially as the years go by. New jobs, relationships, living situations and children’s needs can all affect what’s fair and appropriate, and in cases where communication has broken down, a dishonest person may try to conceal their new situation from their ex, if they feel they stand to benefit from doing so.

Kinsey Investigations offers cohabitation / alimony private investigations to clients who suspect their ex has moved in with a new partner without telling them. A person is considered to be cohabitating when they are living with someone and splitting living expenses. If an ex receives regular alimony payments, they may try to conceal their new living situation to avoid having those payments reduced, even as cohabitating with a new partner saves them money, every month. Anyone who’s being less than 100% forthright about their living situation is not likely to be honest when directly asked about it, so the burden of proof falls to the person making the alimony payments. Through research, surveillance and other investigative techniques, Kinsey Investigations can gather evidence of an ex’s new cohabitation. Once we determine cohabitation, we’ll work to get the proof needed for our clients to make their legal case for reduced alimony.

Hire the Best Los Angeles Detectives for Your Alimony/Cohabitation Investigation 

Cohabitation can be hard to prove, especially if the dishonest person has at least one or two people willing to lie for them. Fortunately, Kinsey Investigations’ female private detectives know what to look for and where to find it, in terms of evidence proving cohabitation. Even if an ex’s name is not on the deed or lease for a home, if they are receiving mail, paying part of the rent or signing up for utilities or subscriptions at their new partner’s address, they’re very likely living there as well. A licensed L.A. private investigator knows what kind of evidence can be used in court to prove cohabitation in the state of California. Circumstances such as using the same mailing address, sharing household expenses, financially supporting one another, jointly owning a vehicle or real estate, or even simply renovating a property together are all potential evidence to establish cohabitation.

Kinsey Investigations is the Los Angeles private detective agency with more than 20 years’ experience in these types of cases. Even competing firms turn to us from time to time for sensitive family law private investigations, because our female private investigators continually outperform the competition. If you believe your ex is cohabitating with a new partner or lying about any material change to their living situation, give us a call today.