Female Private Investigators for Activity Check Investigations

Kinsey Investigations Activity Checks - A woman wearing a long coat walks down a sidewalk.

California private investigators use activity checks for simple fact-finding cases or to determine if a more in-depth private investigation is needed. From parents wanting to check in on their teens or college students to employers needing to confirm workers’ injury or disability claims, many individual and corporate clients hire private detectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding area to conduct these fast, affordable private investigations. An L.A. private investigator can spend a few hours or even less observing a home or business or tracking an individual’s movements or activities and report back expediently. Activity check investigations are ideal when a client needs a simple confirmation or has a singular question they need answered. Female private investigators have a significant advantage carrying out activity checks, because our presence in the majority of public spaces arouses less suspicion than that of a man. We can easily blend into residential settings or even close by private property, often without needing to try to conceal our presence. Kinsey Investigations offers activity checks for a variety of client needs throughout the state. Our licensed and insured California private investigations firm is woman-owned, and our team of female private detectives are ready to help you find the answers or evidence you need.

Activity Checks in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

When a full-fledged private investigation would be overkill for the situation at hand, activity checks make for a quick, affordable solution. Activity checks are exactly what they sound like – brief, discreet check-ins on a person or persons, usually in a single setting, often for specific fact-finding or to determine if a more thorough private investigation is required. At Kinsey Investigations, we have conducted activity checks to confirm the validity of disability and workers comp claims to employers, as preliminaries for cheating spouse and infidelity investigations in Los Angeles, and even to put parents’ or grown children’s minds at ease when they’re concerned for their loved ones. When it comes to activity checks, female private investigators really do have an advantage right from the beginning. We easily blend into many settings and situations, and we don’t automatically arouse suspicion or put people on edge as our male counterparts sometimes do. Oftentimes, we don’t even need to conceal our presence as very few people feel threatened by a woman pausing on a sidewalk or sitting inside a parked car. We effortlessly fly under the radar, get in, get the information we need, and get back to our client with it.

While activity checks are low-cost, they’re not always low-stakes. We do get some less intense requests such as vacationing parent wanting us to make sure their teens aren’t throwing parties in their home while they’re away, but we also get calls from husbands and wives who suspect their spouses of cheating. Sometimes, we conduct welfare checks for divorced clients concerned about their children’s wellbeing in the times spent with their other parent or stepparent. And we get hired by employers to verify workers comp and disability claims. Sometimes these initial activity checks may indicate the need for a full-on cheating spouse private investigation, civil litigation support for custody and other family law cases, or workers compensation fraud investigations. As much as activity checks can put many people’s minds at ease, for others they confirm their worst suspicions.

Female Private Investigators Have the Advantage for Activity Checks Investigations

At Kinsey Investigations, our team of female private detectives won’t hesitate to use our gender to blend into our surroundings when conducting activity checks. As mentioned before, it’s easy enough for us to pause outside of a home or workplace or sit in our parked car and pretend to be checking our phone or texting while we’re actually surveilling activity inside through a window or waiting to see if someone arrives or departs. We don’t even need to think of elaborate cover stories to enter public spaces such as childcare facilities or nursing homes. Women just aren’t questioned or seen as a potential threat in these settings the way a man might be. If you have an important question about someone’s welfare, whereabouts or activities, give us a call. An activity check from a license Los Angeles private detective agency may be exactly what you need.