Protecting your child’s welfare should be your number one goal in Child Custody cases. Whether one parent is negligent, an alcoholic, physically, mentally, or sexually abusive to the child, we help you by documenting late arrivals, departures on child custody exchanges. We document them leaving the child alone or with a babysitter when they have custody, having a date or another person stay while they have custody—whatever your goal or your theory, we gather the evidence you may need to prove what you believe might be happening. We have unique cases all the time.

True case: The new scene or trend in Southern California may be AIR-BNB and Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO). You used to own that house, now she has it with your children. We recently found someone living in a one-bedroom apartment with both children and renting her home out to strangers. We documented everything. Strangers coming and going from the house. The woman spending the night with her children at a different location (i.e. apartment building vs their home). We’ve just established: she is earning more income (usually undocumented income) at the expense of displacing your children.

True case: Follow a father around during custody to see if he purchases medical marijuana (prescription before it was legal) while he had custody. We secured videotape of him picking up his prescription the afternoon before his 5PM pickup and overnight with his son. They had pizza delivered and he was seen coming home with a 12-pack of Heineken.

Divorce investigations again, may lead to uncovering hidden assets, documenting the lifestyles of the other spouse, and documenting possible infidelity – by conducting surveillance and in-depth research/background investigations. Many clients use our services for leverage.

We have unique cases all the time.

True case: A man lied to his family their entire lives of being a war hero; a fighter pilot. His children grew up repeating the story. Turned out, he never even had a pilot’s license until later in life. He was telling tall stories to family, friends and especially his children. The ex-wife had this as leverage. She wanted to tell her children this and probably that everything he ever told them was a lie. He did not want friends and family to know he had lied all these years…. We proved it to her who ultimately confronted him.

True case: While investigating for the wife (currently divorced). Our investigation led to a whole 2nd family. We secured video footage of this man with another woman and 2 smaller children. Our client recognized features in these 2 small children we did not which were very similar to her children at that age. Turned out HE DID have a 2nd family and those children were born BEFORE she decided to even divorce.

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