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    Los Angeles Investigators Discussing a Case

    How can I hire a private investigator in Los Angeles, California?

    Since you made it this far, you can fill out the details for a free case evaluation so we can get started on your case. We commit to keeping your personal information private, and we take careful measures to ensure absolute privacy when you work with us. Call us directly at (310) 613-3755 to learn how you can hire a private investigator in Los Angeles, California, today.

    We also appreciate referrals from third parties such as attorneys, professional organizations, and law enforcement agencies.

    How much does a private investigator cost?

    Your initial private consultation with our private investigator is free. Once you agree to proceed with working with us, we will provide you with an outline of anticipated costs. We pride ourselves on our full transparency of all the costs involved in every case we handle. Rest assured, we won’t surprise you with hidden charges. All of our fees and expectations are laid out in a clearly-written contract.

    What are the most common cases you handle?

    Most of our investigation and surveillance cases involve family disputes or violations of family law. For instance, some of the most common reasons people hire us are as private investigators for cheating spouses, child custody cases, and activity checks to ensure that children or even elderly loved ones are well taken care of. We also have decades of experience assisting attorneys by gathering evidence to support criminal and civil cases in Los Angeles, California.

    Can you hire a private investigator to follow someone?

    Yes. If an individual is a threat to you or you feel that someone is stalking you, then hiring a private investigator to follow them is possible. There are other reasons to follow people; are they working when they claim they are not? Are they perfectly fine when they claim they are injured? There are many reasons to follow someone and document it.

    Each case is unique. That is why we take our time to listen to the concerns of each potential client who fills out the contact form or calls us directly. However, there are exceptions. We will need to hear the details of your specific case and why you need to follow someone before determining if this is an appropriate course of action.

    What are the risks of hiring a private investigator?

    If you hire a private investigator in Los Angles who is experienced and holds a license, there is minimal risk involved. Reputable private investigators, such as those working for Kinsey Investigations, gather evidence and the information you need to build an airtight case lawfully.

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