How can I recognize if someone is being cyberbullied

How Can I Recognize if Someone is Being Cyberbullied?

As a licensed California private investigations firm, Kinsey Investigations has noticed an uptick in the number of inquiries we get about cyberbullying. Parents and educators are asking many questions, but one of the most important for anyone who regularly interacts with tweens or teens is “How can I recognize if someone is being cyberbullied?” Given how cyberbullying can actually lead many young people to become more withdrawn and share less about their lives, it can certainly feel like private detective work for parents to and teachers to investigate the problem. Here at Kinsey Investigations, we’ve written before about keeping children safe online, cyberbullying 101 and our computer and cell phone forensics services. And because we’re a Los Angeles private detective agency dedicated to serving our community, we have compiled the following information to help the people parenting and educating our community’s children recognize when someone is being cyberbullied.

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