14 signs will betray a cheating spouse in LA during quarantine!

cheating spouse in Los Angeles quarantine

What are the signs of your spouse cheating?

Are you ignoring signs your spouse is cheating on you?

What signs to look for a cheating spouse?

Infidelity is a problem faced by many relationships. Although it becomes difficult to go out often due to pandemic, cyber cheating is still an option.

People view this quarantine as a period for couples to get more intimate and build their relationship. Still, it may not always be the case because once infidelity is involved, it becomes difficult to sustain that relationship. In this article, I will discuss various signs on how to know if your partner is cheating and how to deal with it.

How to tell if your spouse is cheating on you?

Suspicion of cheating is very difficult to handle due to the risks involved. It is one thing to have an intuition of being cheated on but what if you are wrong, will you be able to handle the effect on your relationship? Will your relationship go back to normal again? And if you confirm your suspicions, how will you handle it. What if your accusations are being denied. So here are some signs to look out for before approaching your partner to avoid destroying your relationship.

  1. No intimacy:
  2. This is a very important sign to look out for in your partner during this quarantine. If your partner is no longer interested in you and doesn’t pay you enough attention, cheating may be the cause. Even after making sexual advances, you get pushed away or you are being given unnecessary excuses like “I’m tired” “let’s do it tomorrow”, etc. it can only be that the pleasure may be gotten elsewhere.

  3. Freaks out when you go near their phone:
  4. This can be a sign of cheating as it means there is something on there you aren’t supposed to see. If you want to share photos, and they refuse to share their phone or takes their phone with them everywhere, even the bathroom, this is a sign of infidelity.

  5. Multiple accounts:
  6. They have multiple social media accounts with different identities. There is absolutely no normal reason for this.

  7. Anger and nervousness:
  8. Unnecessary anger and frustration over little things which can result in fights and arguments can be a result of cheating, but don’t be sad; it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with you, they are just projecting their insecurities around you that’s all. If your partner paces back and forth while having a conversation with you, it can be a sign of infidelity.

  9. Coded calls and text messages:
  10. Calls are being taken outside the bedroom or outside the house even in times of quarantine. Your spouse gets suddenly uncomfortable picking calls and opening text messages in your presence. This means something is definitely fishy!

  11. Suddenly pays more attention to appearance:
  12. Regular workouts, different clothing, change of hairstyle even if there is nowhere to go, wears expensive outfits for “work” meetings over zoom, meetings that he takes alone in a closed room…. All these can be signs of infidelity.

  13. Change in interests:
  14. Sudden habits or pattern change, they are no longer interested in doing what they normally do. They tend to develop a sudden shift of interest.

  15. Regular mood swings:
  16. Wakes up being moody and gives you the cold shoulder with no viable explanation. They have issues with anything you do. Now, some people might tell you that this is the quarantine effect. Actually, it might be, but it might not be!

  17. They feel insecure:
  18. Insecurity is a major sign of infidelity. They want to know who you are talking to every time. They also tend to accuse you easily of cheating over little misunderstandings.

  19. They always avoid making eye contact:
  20. When having conversations or even eating together, they try as much as possible to avoid making eye contact. This can be an important sign of infidelity.

  21. They become easily irritated:
  22. They are not content with anything you do or say and make you feel like the bad guy. This can be a sign of infidelity.

  23. They keep to themselves most of the time:
  24. Unlike most couples who use this period to get to understand each other better, a cheating partner will always want to be alone, always on their phone and, may sometimes hide under the disguise of work.

  25. The emotional connection you feel with them is broken:
  26. This can only mean that their attention is focused on someone making them less attached to you.

  27. They are suddenly paying attention to you after being distant for a while:
  28. After being ignored for a while, they suddenly try to get your attention. They are only trying to avoid loose ends especially if they notice you being suspicious of them. This is a very important sign of cheating.
    There are so many other signs you can use to tell if your partner is cheating during the quarantine, that we explain to our clients in our first assessment call. Our private investigators in Los Angeles, California, take the time to listen to you, ask you about all important details (even the one you usually don’t pay attention to), and advise you on what to do next to know the truth.

Talk to our Private Investigators in Los Angeles

After noting these signs what’s the next step? You have to be 100% sure that your partner is cheating on you; this is when a private investigator can come in handy. Due to the pandemic, movements are restricted, but there is no harm in confirming your suspicions. You can hire a private investigator to monitor your partner’s movement and online behavior, providing you with reports, pictures, and videos to prove your suspicion of infidelity.

There are many private investigators in Los Angeles or around you. Make sure you pick the right one for you. You don’t want to work with an incompetent PI that will not only not help you but will add to your struggle.

One key advantage of using our private investigators in Los Angeles to find out if your spouse is cheating is that we offer discrete investigation service. Your spouse is definitely not going to be aware of our existence.

Our Private Investigators use sophisticated methods to gather evidence to catch a cheating spouse for you to be rest assured. They work remotely and also make use of specialized software that helps them gain access to computers, call logs, search history, social media accounts, and even vehicle history reports…we can even find where the car is when not home!. Hundreds of people in Los Angeles with cases of infidelity have used our private investigators, and they all received a positive and quick result. The result will either help you justify your fears with proof that your partner has been unfaithful or your partner is innocent and you can go on with a happy relationship.

If you do a little research, you will see that cheating cases are rising during this COVID pandemic, not only in Los Angeles or even in California. It’s increasing worldwide!

My spouse is cheating. Now, what?

If, after noticing the signs and hiring a private investigator, you discover you are being cheated on, how will you handle the situation?

  1. Think of yourself:
  2. This is the most important tip in handling a cheating spouse or partner; you have to think of yourself first and foremost. Your mental and emotional health is important. Don’t wallow in the pain all by yourself it isn’t your fault.

  3. Gather your evidence:
  4. You have to be absolutely sure that your partner is cheating on you. You can either look out for these signs or hire a private investigator.

  5. Decide on what you want from the relationship:
  6. Your decision is important; some couples with issues of infidelity still end up working out their relationship while some just end it.

  7. Confront your partner:
  8. Combined with your evidence, confront your partner; it will be difficult for them to deny the accusations.

  9. Seek help or counseling:
  10. You may not want to see a professional but this is the period when you need help the most. You can talk to your close friends or parent.

If your marriage or relationship ends as a result of Infidelity, don’t be hard on yourself – it may result in pain, depression, and loneliness but instead, focus on yourself. Get to understand yourself better and do things that make you happy.

If you want someone as competent, efficient, and result-oriented as our private investigators in Los Angeles to serve you, wait no more!

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Pandemic Examples

Believe it or not, we have caught people during this pandemic! One case a husband kept going to check on his elderly mother. The wife and the mother do not get along. So the wife rarely calls his mother. She needed something from him and the mother in law admitted she hadn’t seen him in weeks (really!?). Wife calls Kinsey. We followed him from his home in WLA/Brentwood area all the way to Encino. He was at this other home in Encino for 3-1/2 hours and then went directly home. Who lives there, can you find out the wife asks….yes. First, we ran the plate of the other car in the driveway – no, wife not familiar with the name. We ran the property, then her background which lead us to her social media. We dug a little further….these 2 are co-workers. So? They could be friends. What do you think? So now, the wife has hired us 3 more times. 3 of the 4 times, he went to this house instead of his moms when he said that’s where he is.

Another time, very similar situation. This other guy said he was going shopping (at Costco). We followed and went shopping with him. He met up with a lady….they unloaded a bunch of items into her home, not everything, but a majority. He went in the home with her. 2+ hours later he comes out. Same thing, wife wanted to know who she was. Not a relative, not a co-worker that she knows. Now she has us watching him several days a week to see where else he goes when he goes “shopping”.

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