Need a missing child investigator in Los Angeles? Read this story!

Need a missing child investigator in Los Angeles

How do I find a missing child in Los Angeles?

What does it look like to look for a missing child in the LA area?

How can a Private investigator find a missing child in LA?

Being afull-serviceprivate investigator in Los Angeles for so long, we have seen and solved so many cases of missing persons in Californiaand, in particular, in LA. Here’s a typical case of a missing daughter, our private investigators in LA share the story:

Your daughter who is normally close with the family, all of a sudden, becomes distant. Why?

She has a new boyfriend, and they move in together, then they move to another state for his work.

The next thing you know, a few months go by, and you still haven’t spoken to your daughter after her move…

Why is she being so aloof?

So unlike her… We really don’t know anything about this guy…

Can we look into his past? (Yes).

We are in Illinois, and she’s moved to the West Coast, what do we do?

Call Kinsey Investigations.

Kinsey can do a personal wellness check on your daughter, physically knock on the door and be relentless until we see her with our eyes, see her and be able to speak with her alone.

Once we do, we will do a one-on-one interview with her and make sure she is OK.

We can wait outside, watch her apartment or home and wait until whomever she lives with leaves…

 Then we approach. Or simply wait until she’s alone, follow her, and try not to spook her and approach.

In our subtle and everyday manner, we would approach her and let her know that somebody is looking for her and looking out for her well-being.

We would in that same subtle manner, gauge her reaction…Then we would let her know we who we are and why we are there…

Is everything OK?

Are you in any danger?

Do you need our help?

Do you need us to contact the police?

Do you want to go home?

We never know the situation, but we are there to make contact and make sure she is OK.

It might be as blatant as knocking on the door or it can be as subtle as following her and approaching her personally.

All we care about is her safety…

If your child is missing, wait no more! Call Kinsey Investigations: (310) 613 3755.

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