Private investigators in LA: Impact of COVID-19 on investigative cases

Investigative cases during COVID-19 in Los Angeles

Did the Coronavirus Pandemic impact private investigators work in LA?

How did Covid-19 impact private investigations in LA?

What are the investigative cases that are more in demand?

The global health crisis is affecting every industry around the world including the investigation sector. The government has ordered citizens to stay indoors and self-quarantine to reduce the spread of the virus.

But still, private investigators are continuing their work effectively during government ordered lockdown and we are even more and more needed.

The current crisis is likely to increase rapidly a longer shift towards remote and pliable working. So how does the COVID-19 pandemic impact the private investigation sector? Here are the cases in demand during this pandemic.

Investigative cases that are more in demand due to the pandemic

Remote work checks

With millions of Americans working from home some organizations are taking extra precautions in ensuring that their employees are not playing hooky from work. Companies are hiring private investigators to keep tabs on employees who they suspect disregard their daily duties. There are many steps employers can also use to supervise their workers like taking daily check-in and setting up rules of engagement but this isn’t enough especially when you are suspicious of your employees. You will need a professional private investigator to help gather concrete evidence that will come in handy when dismissing some of your employees. There is an increase in the growth of remote working as well as a variety of data sources related to the investigation.

The move to remote working encourages a more technology-driven investigation. Companies with multiple ongoing investigations will also be able to track the investigation process on a secure online investigation portal. One main reason why there has been an increase in the demand for remote checks is due to the fact that companies can no longer afford to pay unproductive employees as this is detrimental to the growth of the business.

Fraud investigation is another important area where private investigators have received several cases. Fraud is one of the biggest and most damaging risks a business or brand can face. There are many organizations both in public and private sectors that are affected by fraud. The impact can be massive if it isn’t handled well. A private investigator will help investigate fraud and other irregularities through a professional and independent approach. They combine experience with formal training with a wide range of equipment and technique to detect and investigate a variety of fraud cases which may include bribery and corruption, assets misappropriation, copyright infringement, inappropriate business relationship, financial fraud allegations, etc. The work of a business owner is difficult already with the pandemic but with enough foresight, preparation, and help from a private investigator, challenges are not insurmountable.

Wellness checks

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the day to day lifestyle and there is not exactly a guideline for navigating the challenges of dealing with the lockdown. To stay healthy, you will have to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will also reduce the spread of the virus. Wellness checks can be carried out professionally by a private investigator especially now that some people are separated from their loved one or in self-isolation due to the pandemic. People with underlying health conditions are more vulnerable to get seriously ill. So identifying chronic health conditions is more important than ever this period. A private investigator will help monitor your family or loved one through direct and indirect contact to help determine their overall health status, physical abilities, and limitations. A private investigator will help you check in on your family who lives in another state or country and monitor their environment if it cohabiting or not and also help determine his/her health status. A photograph is also provided if required.

An organization or business that is to make contact with an individual who is receiving compensation benefits for a long period due to health issues, to confirm the health and mental status of the person you can hire a private investigator. Due to the pandemic, there is definitely a spike in the demand for these services as people feel leaving the wellness checks to a professional is much better.

Domestic Dispute

An important area where private investigators have an increase in a number of cases is the settling of domestic disputes such as infidelity, potential partner investigation, surveillance, child custody and support investigation, divorce, etc.
Infidelity is one of the most painful experiences in a relationship and if not handled properly may have a drastic effect on both parties involved. While it is nice to believe that the quarantine conditions will bring distant couples together again it may be the exact opposite. The quarantine is said to challenge many marriages as post-COVID-19 divorce spikes. A private investigator will help find out if your partner is indeed cheating on you or not. There is definitely an uptick in the demand for domestic problem services especially infidelity. As the number of cheating cases is on the rise people tend to seek the help of a private investigator to help solve their marital problems leading to an increase in demand for these cases.

A private investigator will also carry out a professional investigation where your partner is not agreeing to make payments for a child’s support even with a normal income. They will help gather necessary information for you that will help you seek help from the legal system to take necessary actions.


A private investigator will give a close observation of a person, object, or place. They will also provide you with a detailed report of the whereabouts or interaction of the person. Surveillance can be used when there are missing person reports, theft, and criminal investigation. There has been an increase in the demand for surveillance either for a loved one, employee, or a company during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies hire private investigators to watch and monitor the activities of their employees and also a company where there is an incidence of theft can also decide to hire private investigators to help investigate and also help monitor the place.

Cybersecurity investigation

Our Private investigators are also helping assist executives, attorneys, celebrities, and professionals with evolving reputation and fame. They provide services ranging from the removal of harmful web material, anonymous hackers, stalkers, and other cybersecurity services. They also work with in-house and outside counsel to effectively conduct and conclude investigations. Cybercrimes have surge amidst the unprecedented coronavirus lockdown of which includes hacking, impersonation, cyberbullying, cyber scam, etc. As a result of the increase in these cybercrimes, there has been an increase in demand for cybersecurity investigation.

There are many other areas private investigators can focus on like brand protection investigation, family surveillance, product investigation, etc. The COVID-19 seems to have increased the demand for investigation for a specific number of cases.

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