Why we are the best private investigators in Los Angeles

Why we are the Best private Investigator in Los Angeles

How to hire a private investigator in Los Angeles?

Are you in Los Angeles and constantly googling “Private Investigators Los Angeles” or “BEST Private Investigator near me”?

Are you looking for the BEST Private Investigator to handle a specific case for you?

As Private Investigators serving Los Angeles, we might help you find answers to those questions!

Infidelity, fraud, and corruption are among the most common problems in our society today. To reduce the risk and protect oneself from any disruptive act, there is a need to hire a good private investigator.
Private investigators’ success is attributed to their ability to many factors such as: gathering and analyzing information, obtained from an investigation.
Private investigators are expected to handle all cases professionally while maintaining a sound judgment. An effective private investigator is also expected to be skilled and experienced as that is what it takes to pursue a case efficiently. Some of the skills of these private investigators are brought from past experience or training. At Kinsey Investigations, our private investigators are highly experienced and have taken advanced training courses and are definitely willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
There are hundreds of private investigators located in Los Angeles but in this article, I will give you ten reasons why we are the best investigator in Los Angeles!


We have decades of combined experience, some with a career in law enforcement and many other related fields. Before a private investigator is hired to work with us, the applicant will have to submit extensive evidence of professional training concerning general investigative techniques. California requires private investigators to have a license before they can operate, we go even further. We think that experience counts as the primary qualifier of a private investigator. Some cases will involve computer research, information gathering, surveillance, interviewing witnesses…all these will need to be done efficiently by an experienced investigator. So we look very closely to soft skills and several other aspects that we consider essential to be part of Kinsey Investigations.


A professional private investigator is highly confidential; our private investigators are bound with a confidential agreement. We maintain strict confidentiality with all interactions. All conversations, recordings, messages are kept confidential, and once the case is closed, all records are archived in a locked area and all files are password protected in our archives. Our confidential policy is put in place and we also articulate the steps to ensure confidentiality. Some clients may want us to give out information on details of our former cases but based on the general rules of our agency, we never share identifying details about our former cases with any third party. The best professional investigator out there walks in between the fine line of being too tight-lipped or gossipy. Confidentiality is an area we can handle brilliantly. We are tested and trusted by celebrities with different cases that have been solved swiftly by us. Cases like infidelity and child custody are handled with care especially if the client is of great reputation and fame. That doesn’t necessarily mean only famous people’s cases are handled discretely, all cases are handled discretely, and we are proud of it!


We handle cases quickly and efficiently, we are skilled in time management control. We also listen to our clients, dictate time, and don’t rush anything. We respond to emails, phone calls, messages, swiftly, and also maintain an open line of communication between us and our clients. Our private investigators are empathetic and passionate, some clients are often stressed and extremely worried they need someone to talk to and also understand them. Due to our many years of experience, we can understand your situation and also handle your problems efficiently and especially with compassion.

Analytic and problem solver:

All investigations carried out require a very good logical and analytic mind to be able to solve cases. This is a good quality that we possess. We can analyze the gathered information and give you a logical judgment. We deliver good results and also solve cases (divorce and child custody).


As a high esteem private investigation agency, we maintain a very high level of professionalism and integrity in carrying out our investigation and community duties. We also possess the quality of affability; we know how to get people to talk to us. This quality is very useful when investigating as it will help us cultivate allies and informers. We manage to get information from people professionally without being too nosy or pushy. We also don’t rely on various means to build our reputation; our reputation is built solely on the great services we offer our clients. We say what we do and we do what we say!


We possess creativity that can be used to assess the information needed to further investigate a case. As technology is evolving, the ability to solve cases is improving, it takes less time and can be accomplished more efficiently. We make use of specialized databases, records;(criminal, civil, dmv), social networking sites, and other forms of resources involving digital technology to solve cases. We demonstrate ingenuity in our jobs when carrying out investigations.

Passion and commitment to work:

The job of a private investigator in Los Angeles can be quite stressful which may involve working late hours, staying away from home but passion is the key that drives us to get our job done. Passion results in dedication and commitment and these are qualities we possess. The passion and commitment portrayed by us help increase the number of good reviews we get from clients on Google, Facebook, and other social network platforms. We never pay for clients reviews.


We are also able to conduct investigations and dig out pieces of evidence even in other states or countries. We may not necessarily have to travel around to gather information but gather facts from our connections around the country.
We can get a lot done from our offices in Los Angeles. We solved a fake marriage in Hawaii to someone from the Philippines. The result was due to death and the deceased’s trust. The Hawaiian deceased man, married to a Filipino woman who inherited all of everything away from the deceased’s children living in California. We solved this case from Los Angeles.

Members of professional NGO’s:

We are members of many essential and prestigious Non-governmental organizations like the NCISS (National Council of Investigative and Security Service), CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators), BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) and PICA (Professional Investigators of California). Most private investigators don’t have the law on their side like police officers but being members of these organizations have made it easy for us to investigate cases easily and help advance the whole industry.


We also help train individuals that are interested in becoming a private investigator in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the CA. We are what is considered Qualified Managers. Someone who wants training can receive the right skills from us besides just education. We provide the practical skills needed to become and investigator in Los Angeles.  

Need a private investigator?

So if you are someone who requires services of a private investigator in any area in Los Angeles or Orange counties with these qualities please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we guarantee we will get the job done!

Call Kinsey Investigations: (310) 613 3755.

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