What to expect from a good private investigator:

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A missing person in Los Angeles, a cheating spouse, a Pre-Marital and Relationship background check…Many situations might require hiring a private investigator.

You can get several private investigators in Los Angeles, but getting the right one is one of the toughest challenges people face, and nobody wants to be spending money without reaping any benefits.

A good private investigator with good practice would treat every case brought to him or her in an ethical and professional way, maintaining accurate judgment and confidentiality. An effective private investigator should possess the necessary experience, skills, and tenacity it takes to pursue a case. Sometimes, it may require an investigator to take advanced training to go above and beyond to get the job right.

Some of the expectations to keep in mind include:


A good private investigator must have the necessary skills. You have to know that there is no private investigator that is the ultimate. Private investigators from different backgrounds are bound to have different sets of acquired skills.

  • Performing thorough background checks and knowing the kind of skills they’ve acquired will guide you in making the right decision and this can make a lot of difference in the amount of information you will gather.


 A good PI must be licensed and the license must be current.

  • A license is not just an identification card or a certificate, it is proof that the private investigator has passed the required standard to be considered qualified to carry out a private investigation.
  • Before you make your choice, ensure that the PI license is still up to date with the licensing body within the area of operation. If the license is expired, it means they are no longer recognized as a private investigator that passed local standards, and you are better off looking for another PI.
  • Professionalism.
  • Experience is an added advantage. However, it is not the only thing to measure success. Reputation and years of experience are both other factors in professionalism. Do they have a positive reputation? Havetheybeendoing this long? Respected private investigators maintain a very high level of professionalism and integrity in their work.
  • A good private investigator keeps on building his or her credibility by acquiring other professional licenses. Licensed investigators are more likely to attain and retain business as a result of their commitment to continued education.


Investigators are expected to handle cases efficiently. This includes time management, answering emails and clients’ phone calls on time and keeping the communication line open to the parties involved. Client satisfaction is directly correlated to the ability of the investigator to make him or herself available to the client whenever needed.


With the use of technology, problem-solving ability has dramatically increased. Private investigators should use modern technologies and available information database systems. However, there are other times when applying discretion may be needed. In these instances, the PI has to use his or her creativity, and must demonstrate ingenuity to meet the needs and still get the job done.


The confidentiality agreement that holds attorneys and doctorsisdifferentfromthatofaprivate investigator. However, a good privateinvestigator should be able to maintain a standard of confidentiality and be able to outline the steps that have been taken in carryingouthisorherservicesandinteraction with clients.


The old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” rings true for private investigators. Investigators face myriad challenges along the process. The work can be tedious and may require working odd hours, but a good investigator never gives up no matter how tough the process is.

Passionate about the job.

 Investigation can be very stressful and frustrating. One of the critical elements of identifying a good private investigator is passion. This demonstrates that the PI is willing and ready to deliver excellent results at all costs.


An investigator must be trust-worthy. A principled PI gives a clear and detailed cost analysis to the client before thecommencement of a project. They don’t spring surprises on clients. A good number of investigators in LA need retainers or deposits before they start working. That’s normal and not a sign of dishonesty.


A private investigator, most times, needs to collect information and data from society in general. Therefore, they should be able to interact, socialize and blend in. The ability to communicate with new people in a friendly manner is one of the key characteristics of a good PI.

  • He or she should be able to open up a conversation with any person. Beginning conversation itself resolves most of the work. When interacting with people, a friendly PI doesn’t appear to be threatening, so strangers reveal information more readily.

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