This is why you need to hire a Private Investigator in Los Angeles!

need to hire a Private Investigator LA.

We see people asking those questions all the time on Social Media and forums:

What can I hire a Private Investigator for?

Can anyone hire a PI in Los Angeles?

Can you hire a Private Investigator to follow someone?

Can you hire a Private Investigator for child custody in California?

Can I hire a Private Investigator to find someone in Los Angeles?

We decided to answer as many of your questions as we can in this blog post.

We know it: The world itself is filled with fraud, corruption, and dishonesty. It is okay to want to view the best in people, but you can be taken for granted very easily. In your lifetime, there will be many situations you will find yourself that will require advice/help from a professional Private Investigator. As a person living in the Los Angeles area nowadays, you are bound to face scams, infidelity, fraud, identity theft, cyberbullying, fake companies, relationship scams, and thousands of other threats.

Sometimes, when dealing with all these threats, the thought of hiring a Private Investigator doesn’t come to mind at all, why? Because people aren’t fully aware of what a Private Investigator can do for you and how can PI’s make your life easier!

Private Investigators have a lot of functions (more than you can think of) and can help anyone who requires their services. Yes, anyone can hire a PI in California and precisely in Los Angeles. It is absolutely within your legal rights to engage a professional to help you uncover the truth when you need to.

At Kinsey Investigations, our Private Investigators are professionally trained. A Private Investigator helps you gather relevant information and also gives you advice. This information can be about your partner, colleague, a new business associate, among many other scenarios. With this expert’s help, you can prevent a bad situation from getting worse or even from happening in the first place. There are many situations you will find yourself inwhere hiring a Private Investigator can be very beneficial to you. In this article, we will highlight the reasons why you might need to hire a Private Investigator in Los Angeles.

Spouse infidelity Investigations

Conducting investigations yourself on your own cheating spouse can be emotionally and physically tiring. You can be biased with your observations and overlook the signs your spouse is displaying or conclude you are being cheated on without precise evidence. Usually, emotions get in the way. In this situation, you will require the services of a professional Private Investigator. Save yourself the trouble of investigating your spouse and hire one of our PI’s today. A good Private Investigator is unbiased and is well equipped with tools to carry out the investigation effectively. The evidence will be obtained cleanly and professionally. You will need the help of a Private Investigator when dealing with this situation.

Medical Malpractice Investigations

Medical malpractice can be experienced by anyone anytime in their lives. With an overwhelmed health system, patients are often neglected by medical practitioners, and this can result in serious health complications. There have been cases of the hiked price of medical services; you can hire a Private Investigator to help investigate this for you. With the help of one of our professional Private Investigators in Los Angeles who is knowledgeable on fraud in the healthcare industry, investigations will be carried out effectively. If you had a check-up done and you want to ascertain the validity of the results, you can hire a Private Investigator to help you recheck that.

Background checks on a new partner

When you meet a new person either in person or online, it is pretty much challenging to separate fact from fiction. There are crucial questions you must answer, and if you aren’t careful, you risk getting swindled with your emotions. Although getting an insight into who a person is, is pretty much easy. But in-depth personal checks can only be done by professionals. There are many things to consider, like criminal or civil records, previous relationships, education, and history before fully trusting someone. Hire a Private Investigator to help you carry out background checks on them. It is better to be safe than sorry. Our Private Investigators are discrete and can carry out these checks without your partner finding out.

Background checks on a new Nanny or Elder Care workers

Background checks will help parents ensure that they are hiring a trustworthy caregiver for their child. We can say the same about elder care workers. Internet background checks aren’t always 100% accurate, most of the time the information is old and out-dates. So you need to hire a Private Investigator who is an expert in this field. In-depth background checks will be carried out on your new personal hire and reports showing education, family, previous jobs, and other important information will be given to you. A Private Investigator will easily access records that may be prohibited to you. This will help you decide if you want to hire this personto take care of your loved ones or not.

Divorce cases

A Private Investigator can perform many functions when handling divorce cases, most especially if infidelity is involved. Having a Private Investigator on your team will be to your benefit. A professional trained Private Investigator with the right tools will help gather evidence for you. It may include your spouse being involved in illegal activity or neglecting basic responsibility, even pertaining to custody of children. The evidence will be useful for proof in court. Another reason why you will need the help of a Private Investigator is for assets checks. While your divorce is still pending, your partner may illegally hide assets to take all for themselves after the divorce. A Private Investigator will be useful for this case; they will look through many avenues  to find such assets, and back through several years and after the evidence has been found, it will be in a written report provided to you. You can use these documents to formally in court or to get a subpoena on the various accounts found. In the long run, you get to request a fair share of theseproven assets. 


Cybercrimes like phishing scams, hacking, stalking, identity theft scams, harassment, invasion of privacy, etc. These can affect anyone. Cybercrime investigations are a very specialized field of investigation that requires fully equipped professionals. Identity theft and hacking are serious cybercrimes, and if not handled well, they can result in serious problems. The victim’s personal information can be used to commit fraud, theft, and other crimes. So you can’t solve this problem yourself. You will require the services of a professional Private Investigator. With enough knowledge, experience, and equipment, investigations will be carried out effectively. You will be provided with details of the crime and solutions on how to deal with the problems caused. . (With identity theft, most often, we can reverse trace and tell you who is doing it!)

Premarital checks

Many marriages have failed because one spouse didn’t know something in the other’s past that should have been known before the wedding. Carrying out a premarital check is an effective way to find out more about your partner’s past and make sure you are with the right person. This will let you know if your spouse has been honest all along. A Private Investigator that specializes in this type of case will help provide you with knowledge and evidence that will help you make crucial decisions. If you have been suspecting that your partner is hiding something important, hiring a Private Investigator will help you solve the issue swiftly and professionally. An example is a man was honest with his fiancé and told her about a DUI. He didn’t like to talk about the specifics. When we ran his background, he had had 3 DUI’s ! The woman seriously considered not marrying this man. 1. Does he have a problem with alcohol he’s not willing to admit, and 2. He obviously has a problem with being honest.

Adoption checks

There is always a desire for adoptees to search for their birth parents and learn more about their past and themselves. With the help of a professional Private Investigator, birth parents and birth records can be found. We have done this several times over the years. Both the children seeking parents or parents seeking the child they gave up for adoption.

Background checks on a new business partner

Information can be obtained easily about a person through the internet. But you cannot rely on the internet 100%, especially when it has to do with your business. Dealing with a new business partner is something every business owner should be cautious about. Carrying out background checks on the person should be done professionally, and you need to help of a Private Investigator. Private Investigators are discrete and will carry out the background checks quietly. The results of these checks will be valuable to you in the long run. It will help decide if the partnership is something to continue with or not. If you are a business owner, you will need the services of a Private Investigator.

Gathering surveillance data.

There will be a time where you will need to gather a deep level of information regarding your partner, employee, or business partner. You may have suspicions towards a particular person. You will need to carry out surveillance on the person. Surveillance programs will also provide you with video and audio data on the daily interactions of the person. This can be achieved with the help of a Private Investigator. You will need strong evidence to back up your claims, and a professional Private Investigator will help you gather all of this.


Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you might be affected by some kind of fraudulent activity. With the help of a Private Investigator, you will be able to ascertain if a fraud against you or your business was carried out or not. Proof of the scam will also be provided to you so you can support your claim if you decide to pursue the case in court. It doesn’t matter the kind of fraud, financial, corporate, or internet fraud. A professional Private Investigator will help solve the case.

Help trace missing people

With the increase in the rate of crime in our society, there have been more and more cases of missing people around the internet. Adults, children, teenagers have left their homes and didn’t return. With the help of a Private Investigator, you can help track these people down. Distance isn’t a problem due to their connections in other countries. A Private Investigator also takes the personal bias out of the equation. They consider the person, contacts, history and relationship to the family. We help you take a step back and retrace what could have possibly made them go missing.

Child custody cases

Submitting facts in favor of the case is very crucial in winning a child custody battle. Gathering this information on your own will be time-consumingand usually not provable in court. You would definitely need the services of a Private Investigator. A Private Investigator will help you gather substantial evidence that will be in your favor in court.

Custody Maintenance matters

After a separation, child support and home support expenses have to be settled equally. In some cases, if a parent gains full custody, full responsibility is on that parent. If equal custody rights are granted to both parents, expenses should be settled equally. If your ex-partner does not support the child like it should be done, you will need the help of a Private Investigator. Evidence will be gathered for you. Hidden information, forged paystubs will be investigated thoroughly by one of our investigators in Los Angeles.

Risk Assessment

Individuals are often concerned about making certain decisions. It may be related to business or just private matters; you can hire a professional Private Investigator who will help conduct an assessment using an effective procedures. They will provide you with a comprehensive report addressing the potential risks and suggest strategies on how to manage the situation.


For a missing person case, adoption, and other cases, interviews will have to be conducted. A Private Investigator will help conduct interviews and gather information needed in solving the case. If you also wish to get information from a particular person but don’t know how to hire a Private Investigator, interviewing with the person or close relations is an easy task for an investigator.

Social Media profiles

Social media has become a very important part of people’s lives and businesses. For every interaction you make, conducting simple research can do you some good. Threats like identity theft have become popular lately, and falling victim to these individuals and businesses can cost you time and money. Hiring a Private Investigator will help you in the long run. The investigative services will include checking references, activity on the account, interactions, behavioral patterns, and much more. The report of this research can also be used in court for civil and criminal investigations. Everyone has one or more active Social Media accounts, so hiring a professional investigator is to your benefit.

Our Private Investigators are tested and licensed to carry out investigations in Los Angeles and all of California. Combined with their experience and knowledge, they are good at informing clients on crises and complications that may affect them.

You may believe that you don’t require the services of a Private Investigator. Still, in our daily interactions, we see so many individuals and businesses using our services for their best interest and making their lives easier and safer as well!

Need to hire a Private Investigator?

With all these reasons stated out if you finally decide you need a Private Investigator. You should check out our Private Investigators in L.A. If you are not sure, give us a call, and we will let you know immediately if we can help.

Reasons why we are the best investigators, include:

  • We are fully equipped with professional resources to help ensure you receive the best professional care and services you require
  • We are fully licensed to operate in the country.
  • We put the satisfaction of our clients first.
  • Highly recommended by previous clients. You can check for your self here
  • We are incredibly discrete when handling sensitive matters for our clients.

So if you are currently in need of any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to listen very carefully to your issues, suggest solutions, and get the very best possible outcome for you.

So, don’t face it by yourself, give us a call!

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