1. How do you handle child custody investigations?

    Protecting your child's welfare is our priority in child custody cases. We serve as your eyes and ears to discern if the other parent is doing anything to compromise the child's best interests or that violates the rules determine by any agreement the parents might have or rules of the court. 
    We only use investigation methods that are appropriate and permitted by law. That way, we can gather evidence that is admissible in court to prove what you suspect is happening. Each case is unique, and usually the bad parents have creative ways of disguising their indiscretions. We not only know what to look for but know how to discover the truth while following the law. 

  2. I am drafting a will, and I live alone. I have relatives but I can’t find them. I wish to pass down my assets to a direct descendant, if possible. Can you help me find them?

    Kinsey Investigations can research up to 3 generations of heirs to confirm the identity of your possible relatives. Though your help is crucial to start our heir searches, we have the means and practical experience to search for relatives. Because of our extensive databases and experience, we can provide more reach and thoroughness than you can on your own. Each case is unique. Please reach out to us to set up a consultation about your specific situation.

  3. My retail store is getting bad reviews online. Usually, the reviews complain about customer service. How can you help address my concerns discreetly?

    The loss of quality is one of the most common reasons businesses lose the trust of their customers. Employee indiscretion is one of the most profound ways your service quality is compromised, especially when those employees are on the frontline serving customers. One of Kinsey Investigations’ specialties is an investigation method called “Mystery Shopping.” We can provide you with a trained “shopper” to visit your business and gather information about your employees’ practices including:
    If the company policies are being carried out properly at the retail level
    If your employees are following company rules and code of conduct
    If you suspect your employees are not treating your business, property, or customers properly
    These seasoned investigators will provide you with a report about your employees' behavior the next day. There might be instances when situations develop in real-time that require your attention. Don't worry. We will update you by telephone as it occurs.

  4. Are you allowed to do wiretapping during your investigations?

    No. It is illegal in California for private citizens; us included, to listen to private conversations by tapping directly into someone else's phone line.
    Law enforcement is allowed to perform a wiretap; however, law enforcement agencies need to secure a court order authorizing them to do a wiretap. THis permission is only granted in certain circumstances. Click here for the details.
    There are instances of phone conversations between two parties, say in a divorce case, where phone recordings might prove crucial. However, California only permits a recorded conversation between two parties if both consent to recording their conversations. Therefore, if only one party records a phone conversation, that party can't use it as evidence in court (again, without the other’s permission).

  5. I have a dispute with my neighbor, and I want to take my case to court. How can you help me?

    Civil investigations are one of our specialties. A civil investigation helps uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trial. We treat civil investigations with the same expertise and precision as law enforcement conducts criminal investigations. We will gather and consolidate all documents, surveillance reports, and other evidence so you can build a strong case against your adversary. 
    Again, each case is unique. One example might be mail theft or property damage. We can either do surveillance in person or install hidden cameras with date/time stamps to gather the facts.