1. How do you handle child custody investigations?

    Protecting your child’s welfare is our priority in child custody cases. We serve as your eyes and ears to discern if the other parent is doing anything to compromise the child’s best interests or that violates the rules determine by any agreement the parents might have or rules of the court. We only use investigation methods that are appropriate and permitted by law. That way, we can gather evidence that is admissible in court to prove what you suspect is happening. Each case is unique, and usually the bad parents have creative ways of disguising their indiscretions. We not only know what to look for but know how to discover the truth while following the law. 

  2. I am drafting a will, and I live alone. I have relatives but I can’t find them. I wish to pass down my assets to a direct descendant, if possible. Can you help me find them?

    Kinsey Investigations can research up to 3 generations of heirs to confirm the identity of your possible relatives. Though your help is crucial to start our heir searches, we have the means and practical experience to search for relatives. Because of our extensive databases and experience, we can provide more reach and thoroughness than you can on your own. Each case is unique. Please reach out to us to set up a consultation about your specific situation.

  3. My retail store is getting bad reviews online. Usually, the reviews complain about customer service. How can you help address my concerns discreetly?

    The loss of quality is one of the most common reasons businesses lose the trust of their customers. Employee indiscretion is one of the most profound ways your service quality is compromised, especially when those employees are on the frontline serving customers. One of Kinsey Investigations’ specialties is an investigation method called “Mystery Shopping.” We can provide you with a trained “shopper” to visit your business and gather information about your employees’ practices including:If the company policies are being carried out properly at the retail levelIf your employees are following company rules and code of conductIf you suspect your employees are not treating your business, property, or customers properlyThese seasoned investigators will provide you with a report about your employees’ behavior the next day. There might be instances when situations develop in real-time that require your attention. Don’t worry. We will update you by telephone as it occurs.

  4. Are you allowed to do wiretapping during your investigations?

    No. It is illegal in California for private citizens; us included, to listen to private conversations by tapping directly into someone else’s phone line.Law enforcement is allowed to perform a wiretap; however, law enforcement agencies need to secure a court order authorizing them to do a wiretap. THis permission is only granted in certain circumstances. Click here for the details.There are instances of phone conversations between two parties, say in a divorce case, where phone recordings might prove crucial. However, California only permits a recorded conversation between two parties if both consent to recording their conversations. Therefore, if only one party records a phone conversation, that party can’t use it as evidence in court (again, without the other’s permission).

  5. I have a dispute with my neighbor, and I want to take my case to court. How can you help me?

    Civil investigations are one of our specialties. A civil investigation helps uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trial. We treat civil investigations with the same expertise and precision as law enforcement conducts criminal investigations. We will gather and consolidate all documents, surveillance reports, and other evidence so you can build a strong case against your adversary. Again, each case is unique. One example might be mail theft or property damage. We can either do surveillance in person or install hidden cameras with date/time stamps to gather the facts. 

  6. Is there a way to verify the identity of a stalker through handwritten notes?

    Our handwriting investigation service is performed by experts in analyzing handwriting.Each person’s handwriting is unique, like fingerprints. No two handwritten samples from different individuals are the same. An investigation starts by taking the subject’s handwritten models or examples. Experts will usually take 30 examples of signatures or handwritten documents to establish patterns. Our experts may ask for specific samples to help solve your unique case.Aside from identifying a stalker who sends you handwritten notes, our handwriting investigation services can also confirm the integrity of important documents like written wills.

  7. I am worried about how the nursing home is treating my parents. Is there any way I can learn the truth about what is happening to them?

    Because the elderly have limited ability to take care of themselves, they may depend on teams of people to help them live normal lives. They may not realize if these people do not have their best interest at heart. Elderly abuse is often difficult to confirm if the suspects know they are being tracked. The only way to confirm or deny if your loved one is being abused or neglected is by discreetly observing their routine and that of their caretakers.We use our experience and expertise to conduct surveillance and investigative activities on the people assigned to take care of the elderly.Our Elderly Abuse Investigations team discreetly blend into any environment and carry out their investigation with compassion and confidentiality. 

  8. How can you gather the clues that can tip alimony cases in my favor?

    If your ex-spouse doesn’t want you to find out that they are cohabitating with their new partner, they will do everything in their power to conceal it. Some of the proven methods that we use to help our clients get a fair alimony settlement during a Cohabitation Investigation include:Asset Checks – We have the ability, experience, and network to conduct asset checks to see the finances, including joint accounts. Do they share a bank account? Do they have a family plan for their cell phone subscriptions?We can also do credit checks or utilities’ search. A former spouse could be sharing utility expenses and vehicle ownership. Are both their names on a lease or a car?They may share a social media account or post shared activities on social media.We can conduct trash pulling. Their garbage may contain evidence of cohabitation, such as banking documentation, letters and notes, and otherwise mundane items indicating shared living. We will make sure the evidence acquired this way is admissible in court. The trash is no longer the owner’s property once these are taken to the curb.Is the partner doing the chores, cleaning the house, or mowing the lawn? Our investigators are experts in gathering information. We can interview your former spouse’s neighbors and other persons close to them to paint a picture of the relationship.Your former spouse could have gone on a vacation with a romantic partner. We can track the persons and the places where they could have gone to gather evidence, such as instances of displays of public affection. We can also do background checks to uncover information about legal problems you ex-spouse or partner may have. Background checks may help in questions regarding child custody matters.Our investigators have the proven ability to conduct surveillance operations to document the activities of the former spouse. We can track their movements with their current romantic partners using the same techniques and tools that effectively help in our other surveillance activities.

  9. How do you ensure that the information taken from cell phone investigations stands up in court?

    People use their cell phones so much that they don’t pay much attention to what their usage says about them. They get careless, even when they know they are breaking the law or doing something unscrupulous. It is essential to have an expert gathering and documenting cell phone evidence to ensure that it is admissible in court. Our cell phone forensic experts are thorough with collection and evidence filing procedures. Here is a summary of how we ensure that the information from our cell phone investigations makes it through to court:Seizure of Device: Evidence is always adequately preserved and admissible in court. Cellphone investigation experts should always consider the legal implications regarding the confiscation of mobile devices. Cellphone investigation experts can overcome lock activation and network or cellular connection issues.Identification of Device and Acquisition of Data: This process aims to retrieve the data from the mobile device. Our cellphone investigation experts can adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape to retrieve the data. Data synchronization can bridge the gap between hardware and software.Examination and Analysis: The examiner will use various forensic tools to extract and analyze the data from different devices. Because of the wide variety of device types and operating systems, each device presents a unique challenge. However, our investigators rise to the occasion. Our digital forensic experts can now do timeline and link analysis uncover the hidden connections within the data that can be instrumental to solving your case. 

  10. I worry for my children. Is there a way you can help us find out if my ex-spouse’s partner is trustworthy?

    We understand that the welfare of your children is one of your most important priorities. We always strive to ensure that children are well cared for. As a part of our range of services, we offer background checks for the people who will be in your child’s daily lives, such as your ex-spouse’s new partner, as a part of our Child Custody Investigations service.

  11. Are there private investigators California has available that can conduct social media investigations?

    Some private investigation companies in California, including Kinsey Investigations, offer social media investigations. Social media investigations have several purposes, including: To support background checks for companies who are in the hiring processTo support alimony and activity check servicesTo see if an injured worker might be doing activities, such as on vacation or maybe boating on social media and dumb enough to post it.To confirm if an ex-spouse is violating provisions stipulated in the divorce agreementTo check the activities of suspected malingering employees at a time when they were supposed to be incapable of rendering workTo offer support in other unique cases that require evidence or activity checks to confirm or refute a suspicion.For more details, you may contact us. Or you may fill out this form so we can provide you with a no-obligation, free case evaluation.

  12. Is there a private investigator in Los Angeles that can check on my employees when unsupervised?

    Kinsey Investigations offers “Mystery Shopping” among its services.When we conduct “Mystery Shopping,” one of our Los Angeles private investigators blends in with regular shoppers to check on the activities of your employees.Our private investigators can look like just about anyone. Therefore no one will suspect that they are tracking down and updating you on the activities of your employees.These activities range from having a drink or a meal at the bar and watching how the cash is handled, where the tip goes to being on the floor of a warehouse watching inventory. We do a vast array of things for clients.If you are concerned about the deteriorating quality of the customer service at your business, please feel free to contact us via the form or call us at (310) 613 3755 anytime to help you stay informed about what happened when you are not at your business.

  13. How much does a PI cost in Los Angeles, California?

    Our initial consultation is always free. Before starting work on any new case, we will provide you with a written quote and contract so there will be no surprises down the line.  For surveillance services within Los Angeles and the surrounding counties, we charge $150 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours for surveillance services.The PI cost will vary depending on different conditions, such as the complexity and duration of the case. If applicable, associated costs such as plane or train tickets or hotel bookings will be accounted for.You will always know the costs upfront. There are no hidden fees. We value our clients, and we pride ourselves on our transparency, especially regarding the costs involved when handling your case.

  14. What are signs that indicate that a private investigator is abusing their cost charging?

    Kinsey Investigations has a stellar reputation for transparency and honesty in all our dealings with our clients, especially when it comes to cost. We ensure that we conduct our investigations efficiently to get the most value from the resources invested in our services.However, unscrupulous individuals in the private investigation business overcharge their clients. Here are just three of the signs that a private investigator could be overcharging you:If the private investigator has a huge retainer and not being upfront about the ongoing costs, keeps you in the dark, and charges you at the end of the case instead, they might be hiding something from you.A private investigator should update you regularly on the progress of your case. Under no circumstances should a private investigator hide anything from you, including how much their services are going to cost.  If the private investigators are making unreasonable suggestions that may require additional costs, such as conducting surveillance at midnight even if you are sure that the subject is not present at that location at that specific time frame, they may be attempting to inflate their bill. 

  15. What factors affect the cost of hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles, California?

    There are many factors affecting the cost of hiring private investigators in California. The hourly rate is only one segment of the total cost. Some services have a higher cost than others. Kinsey Investigations has built an excellent reputation for transparency with our clients. We take everything into account and share all our activities and associated costs with our clients to spare them from nasty surprises.These are some of the factors that affect the cost of hiring a PI in Los Angeles, California today:Types of service and their complexityIf the service requires an activity that is in high demand, such as surveillance The number of people needed to conduct the investigationThe sophistication of the equipment and techniques needed for the caseThe reputation of the private investigation agencyMarket differences (urban-based vs. rural-based)Experience of the private investigatorTravel expenses