Kinsey Investigations Digital Forensics

Experts in Digital Forensics Private Investigations in California

California private detective services have gone from rarely needing to engage in digital forensics to using this technique for the majority of private investigations. Private detectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding area find that cell phone forensics, computer forensics, and/or social media investigations prove useful in many kinds of cases. As a large proportion of society has moved toward living more of their lives online, so too have private investigators in California and elsewhere identified the importance of honing these techniques. Today, the team of female private investigators at Kinsey Investigations know that leads, evidence, and other key information in many of the cases we take on may be easiest to track down through digital forensics. We stay on top of the latest software and applications for finding helpful information for our clients, whether we have direct access to the devices in question or not. And in a world where hackers and digital scammers are also refining their techniques and coming up with new ways to ensnare unsuspecting victims all the time, you’ll want to hire a Los Angeles private detective agency that’s keeping up with the cutting edge of technology.

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Pre-Employment Background Screenings Private Investigations

Many private investigators in California offer pre-employment screening services. However, smart business owners and executives often turn to Kinsey Investigations, specifically, due to our decades of experience and status as one of the best private investigators in Los Angeles. Our team of female private investigators have extensive experience carrying out employee and job applicant background investigations. Depending on your organization’s individual needs, we can conduct a standard, tier-one, pre-employment screening, a tier-two comprehensive background check, or even a tier-three extensive background investigation on your potential new hire. A licensed Los Angeles private detective can usually pick up on inconsistencies and outright deception that most human resources personnel do not have the training or the time to investigate. And as one of the best California private investigations firms, Kinsey Investigations can help ensure your business doesn’t make a mistake in the hiring process that could turn into a big problem for your organization, down the road.

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Hiring the Best L.A. Private Investigator to Find Your Missing Loved One

Kinsey Investigations has a stellar reputation locating missing persons in Los Angeles. Our team of female private investigators have an untarnished record finding missing children, teens and adults in California. L.A. private investigators know that the initial hours and days that a person is missing are the most crucial, and the longer someone is missing, the more likely they are to travel further from home, suffer injury, or encounter someone looking to exploit them. Hiring a licensed California private investigations firm as soon as possible can make all the difference, especially in cases involving someone who may have had negative experiences with law enforcement in the past. Kinsey Investigations’ female private detectives have the training, experience and empathy that it takes to solve missing persons cases in California. We’ll work tirelessly to find your loved one in the most expedient timeframe, with a focus on minimizing trauma to bring them home as quickly and safely as possible.

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Cyberbully Investigations by Kinsey Investigations - Los Angeles, CA

Cyberbullying 101 from a California Private Investigations Firm

Just a decade ago, most Los Angeles private detective agencies had never worked on a case involving cyberbullying, but as both Internet access and the use of social media have expanded rapidly, many California private investigators are receiving inquiries and being hired to investigate cases of cyberbullying and other criminal behavior online. At Kinsey Investigations, we are receiving more and more inquiries, especially from parents, about how they can protect their child from cyberbullying and whether there are specific laws or policies in place to combat cyberbullying. Children, parents, and educators from Bel Air to Brentwood and Malibu to Long Beach are grappling with questions and concerns such as these, and private detective services in California are arming themselves with the latest information and resources to do our part in this ongoing struggle. At Kinsey Investigations, our female private investigators are parents as well. Our Los Angeles detective agency gets recommended all the time for all kinds of family law cases, because we are known as the California private investigations firm with a heart. If you have questions such as “What is cyberbullying?” and “How can I support someone who is being cyberbullied?” we are here to share the information we have and help you keep up to date on this newest modern vehicle for one of the oldest antisocial behaviors of all time.

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Kinsey Investigations Alimony Cohabitation Private Investigations - A woman is silhouetted against a window as she looks out of it.

California Alimony and Cohabitation Private Investigations

California private investigators see cases of ex-spouses failing to report changes in their circumstances all the time. Anytime a person is receiving child support or alimony payments, material changes to their living situation, such as cohabitating with a new partner constitute a change in circumstances that could lead to a reduction in the amount their ex is required to pay to them. If they decide to conceal or lie about these changes to avoid that reduction, a licensed L.A. private investigator can likely gather the evidence their ex needs to prove cohabitation or another change in circumstances. With this kind of assistance from a California private investigations firm, the person making alimony or other court-ordered payments may be able to have the amounts of those payments appropriately reduced. Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private investigators have the training and experience to offer these alimony / cohabitation private investigations for clients all over the Los Angeles area, from Malibu and Beverly Hills to Bel Air and Long Beach. We’ve been voted the Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles twice, and even our competitor firms recommend us for family law cases such as these.

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Kinsey Investigations Secret Shopper Services

Integrity Checks “Secret Shopper” Private Investigations

Do you need a Los Angeles private detective agency to “secret shop” your business? California business owners might not immediately think of turning to a private investigator as a “secret shopper,” but at Kinsey Investigations, our female private detectives have decades of experience doing just that. Known as integrity checks private investigations, secret shopper or “mystery shopper” services are one of many corporate services available at our L.A. private investigations firm. Tailored to meet your needs, Kinsey Investigations’ secret shopper services not only document every aspect of the customer experience, but can also determine how well company policies and procedures are carried out, whether your employees are adhering to sound security, non-discrimination and other policies and recognize other signs of mismanagement or employee theft. We’ll contact you immediately if the situation warrants, and all our California private investigators are trained and experienced at testifying in court if necessary.

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Kinsey Investigations Female Private Investigators offer tips for supporting someone in an abusive relationship - Someone with long hair and painted nails sits with their hands in their lap. Someone not pictured is holding one of their hands.

Our Female Private Investigators Weigh In on How to Support Someone in an Abusive Relationship

California private investigators see the aftermath of abuse all too often. Abuse of all kinds may play a part in some of the most common types of investigations we handle including locating missing persons and child custody investigations in L.A. Private investigators in places like Long Beach, Malibu and Santa Monica become adept at spotting abuse and what it looks like even when victims are unwilling to talk about it or admit that it’s happening. Kinsey Investigations is a Los Angeles private detective agency with decades of experience in surveillance operations and all sorts of private investigations services that may involve one or more kinds of abuse. In any case where one of our private investigators witnesses a child in danger, we take action immediately, either contacting the child’s parent(s) or the proper authorities. However, when the victim of the abuse is an adult, beyond the services that our female private investigators have been hired to carry out, there’s often little we can do to support them. The people who can help are usually the loving friends and family who are already a part of their lives, and we have some advice from what we’ve learned over the years for anyone who wants to be a lifeline for their loved one suffering abuse.

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Kinsey Investigations Internet Safety Tips - A mother leans over a school age child as they work together on a laptop computer

Internet Safety Tips for Parents from a Private Investigator

At Kinsey Investigations, we’re not only the California private investigations firm with a heart, we’re also parents, ourselves. We know raising children in this day and age is no walk in the park, and we work on many cases, both heartwarming and heartbreaking, involving children including locating missing persons in Los Angeles, child custody and child support investigations, and many other types of family law cases. While it’s never been easy to keep kids safe through the vulnerable years of childhood, the rise of the Internet, social media, live server gaming and so many other aspects of our hyper-connected world have magnified parents’ challenges exponentially. From cyber bullying and online predators, to email scams and catfishing, ask any L.A. private detective, and they’ll easily name a long list of cyber crimes carried out online targeting kids and adults as well. It’s exactly these phenomena that have given rise to private investigations services such as digital forensics, social media background checks, and online fraud investigations. It’s bad enough that hackers and scammers take advantage of vulnerable adults online. It’s positively insidious that there are people who turn their nefarious intentions toward children, but all we, as parents, can do is arm our kids with knowledge and do our very best to keep them safe. With Kinsey Investigations being the go-to California private detective agency for all things family law, we wanted to offer the following advice to all parents struggling to raise children in our modern, highly-connected world.

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Kinsey Investigations offers Surveillance Services - A camera with a large telephoto lens is pictured in the foreground. A person with long dark hair sits in the blurred background

Surveillance Services as Part of California Private Investigations

Surveillance operations involve observation of a subject, sometimes only in a specific setting, and sometimes following them to document their movements and interactions with others. California private investigators use surveillance in all sorts of cases from Los Angeles infidelity investigations to cohabitation and alimony, or child support/custody investigations. Surveillance operations and stakeouts have applications beyond the realm of family law as well, such as locating missing persons in Los Angeles, disability and worker’s compensation cases, other types of fraud investigations and more. Kinsey Investigations has a team of skilled and experienced female private investigators licensed and insured throughout California. We have experience conducting surveillance in places like Malibu, Brentwood, Westwood and Beverly Hills. We don’t shy away from time and resource-heavy methods like setting up a stakeout when necessary. It’s one of the many ways we live up to our reputation as one of the best private investigators in Los Angeles.

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Kinsey Investigations Female Private Investigators - The shadow of someone with long hair is pictured on white and gray striped pavement.

Best Los Angeles Female Private Investigators

Choosing the right California private investigations firm may seem daunting. Even narrowing it down to Los Angeles private detective agencies, in particular, the listings run long. No doubt, you want to work with the best – an L.A. private investigator licensed and insured throughout the state. You could check online reviews or look up’s list of Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles, but another factor to consider is whether you’ll be working with a male or female private investigator. You may wonder, “Are there even any female private investigators near me?” The answer is yes, and the answer you’ll find in every search recommended above is Kinsey Investigations.

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